GP Redefines the New Pattern of Entertainment Industry

The business model with perfect integration of blockchain, investment industry and entertainment industry is unprecedented in every field of the world. And this business model is about to land on the capital market which is definitely the first one in the world!


The Guidance Signing Ceremony for Global Player Listing has been officially held and it is hoped that GP will be the first one to turn this business model into a reality! And achieve the new redefinition of global entertainment industry.

In addition, industry leaders believe that this type of new business model will lead a big revolution among global capital market, investment industry, entertainment industry and other related industries! And will further promote the arrival of global blockchain cross-industries business era!

At local time 11:00 am on March 26th in Las Vegas, GP President Davis attended the guidance signing ceremony and signed the contract in Summerlin with high-level representatives of world-renowned investment banks, accounting firms, and law firms.

Professionals analyzed that there are great growth potentials for listed blockchain stocks. And the stock price of such kind of listed blockchain stocks has already exceeded the 2,000 points’ increase in one week; The new business model that GP has created is an amazing integration of blockchain, investment and entertainment industry which could gather together the high quality development potential of the capital market, fintech market and top entertainment market! It will lead to another inestimable capital storm in the stock market once it get listed and it may break through the high-rise records created by previous blockchain stocks!

After the meeting, the GP President said: Henceforth, GP will be on the fast lane of listing, and it is expected to be listed this year in August. What’s more, GP will share this grand and historical event with global players at that time!

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