Aristocratic family legend, international business people choose hotels at first

The model of Tibetan style, the new landmark of Chinese Tibetan culture.

All of this, TRIKA TSANG International Hotel is ready for you.

As a hotel with the theme of Chinese Tibetan culture, TRIKA TSANG is rare throughout Sichuan and even all over the country. To absorb the essence of the snowfield humanities to create, there is no doubt that the Tibetan culture is splendid:

Rooms full of Tibetan characteristics,
A large, cloud-like soft bed for relaxing your body and mind and taking away the fatigue of journey;
A delicate, private and characteristic meeting room,
It is an excellent exchange platform for Tibetan friends and merchants everywhere.
More unique Tibetan palace banquet,
Delicacy made from the delicacies from the snowy plateau,
Match your achievements and reward your success.

Great location, very convenient to travel

Ideally located in a prosperous business district in Chengdu, Kuanzhai Alley, Huanhuanxi, Jinsha Ruins are a 15-minute drive away, Chunxi Road / Taikoo Li is a 20-minute drive away.

The unique geographical conditions provide a unique comfort experience for the journey. It is the excellent hotel for the cultural exchange, business negotiation.

Comfortable guest room, strong Tibetan style

Every guest room in Trika Tsang International Hotel is an artistic treasure carefully crafted by Tibetan craftsmen. The perfect fusion of exquisite craftsmanship and modern science and technology.

It decorated with tradition Tibetan cloth and gorgeous works of art. The blending of ancient and modern civilizations. At the same time, let every guest enjoy the leisurely time while staying at the hotel. You can also enjoy the quiet and auspicious journey of cultural tasting.

Businessmeeting room, ideal meeting site

As an ideal banquet place for business elitesHas the planning team to customize a honorable exclusive experience for you. Whether it’s a private meeting or a small conference, Or high-end business talks, TRIKA TSANG International Hotel nearly 1,000 square meters of meeting space will be the best choice for your business contacts.

Tibetan food, gluttonous feast on the tip of tongue

Delicacies from their own pastures in Tibetan areas, Restoring food with special cooking techniques.

Immerse yourself in an noble and elegant dining environment, To taste the strong flavour of snowfield plateau. Fully experience the new style of Sichuan and Cantonese food and innovative Tibetan palace banquet.

We welcome you to TRIKA TSANG International Hotel.

The heredity of classic family and the style of TRIKA TSANG
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