March 29, 2018 – Local nonprofit Basket Brigades are planning a fun-filled day that will help them feed over 4000 families this Thanksgiving, while offering personal growth for its attendees all in one fell swoop.   The event will feature two amazing world-class speakers (Dave Albin from Firewalk Adventures, and Dragan Trajkovski from Tony Robbins), presenting on overcoming limiting beliefs in your life, defeating self-doubt, and more. 

You will literally BREAK THRU your fears by smashing a flaming board, and culminate by walking barefoot across broken glass!!!  Anyone who has been to a Tony Robbins event and participated in the Firewalk knows that the Fire, or in our case, the Glass, is a metaphor for proving to yourself that you can do ANYTHING!!!!

The Glass Walk event is a combined effort of three local nonprofits, the Basket Brigade of Suburban Chicago (, the Chicago Basket Brigade ( and the DuPage Basket Brigade (  In 2017, the combined Brigades delivered complete Thanksgiving dinners to over 2300 local families in need, incorporating over 1000 volunteers in the Assembly and Delivery Day processes.  Thanksgiving dinners are hand-delivered the weekend before Thanksgiving with a note that says “this is a gift from a friend.”   

“The Basket Brigade Assembly Day is truly a moving experience, both for our volunteers doing the assembly and delivery, as well as in the reactions of the recipients who receive the baskets every year,”  says Basket Brigade of Suburban Chicago founder Brian Walsh.

The Basket Brigade concept was inspired by personal growth legend Tony Robbins, who started with 1 basket when he was a young man.  Basket Brigades across the world currently deliver Thanksgiving dinners to over 3 million people annually.  Tony Robbins often cites that of all of the strategies, solutions and advice that he provides to tens of thousands of people year-after-year, that “The secret to LIVING is GIVING.”  You can help your local Basket Brigade give back this year, and have an amazing time doing so, buy attending the upcoming Glass Walk event on April 14th.

The all day event is comprised of a number of workshops that teach people to move beyond their limiting beliefs.  Dave Albin of Firewalk Adventures is the keynote speaker and has over 20 years experience bringing empowerment and education to individuals and to corporate events. The Glass Walk and the Flaming Board Break are merely metaphors to re-inforce the teachings for the day.  Dragan Trajkovski is a Peak Performance Strategist with Tony Robbins and focuses on elevating people into a Peak State to be better prepared to face any challenge, and to make the most out of every moment.

Tickets are $100.00 and seating is limited.   To purchase tickets, or for more information, please visit our website at     

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