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“We can help you”
Wink To Wrinkle: Total Solution for your clothes. It will treat unwanted Wrinkles at anytime and anywhere with collagen coating effect. Also it eliminates odors & bacteria to keep it clean.

New Innovative Spray for household is now available for everyone in United States.

This new item called “Wink To Wrinkle” (aka: WTW) is a must-have product for making your life a lot easier in most of situation. 

First, it treats wrinkles on your clothes along with collagen coating effect. And it also eliminates unwanted odor & bacteria for keeping your clothes in clean condition.It’s safe on virtually all fabrics (you may refer to the product label for more info), and would even give you some fresh scent from natural extract like bamboo, lavender, etc.You can use it for any clothe you have, or use it for other house fabrics such as curtain and bedding.And for better usage, two sizes are available with 300ml (10.1 oz) and 95ml (3.2 oz).  

We understand that everyone has different life style and various opinion on his/her sense of fashion.However, there is a common/equal concern from everyone which is to be looking good and clean all time.This WTW spray can help you to maintain your desire.

Let’s take a look at some examples and situations. 

Not everyone has time or skill to iron shirts & clothes. No problem, all you need to do is just Spray & Tug.Do you travel for business or leisure and often time you feel uncomfortable with wrinkles on your clothes? and you have important business meeting or romantic dating is waiting for you? This TSA approval size (95ml) bottle will be your good friend to fix it at anytime~

How about when you enjoy your meal/drink, but realize that you are not happy with all those odors/smells from it? Just spray it and wink. 

This new item can be used at various circumstances, but it all comes down to only one purpose… “Convenience”. 

This state of the art product has been formulated from Korean R&D facility and the family brands (with different name) have been very hot & popular in Korea, Japan, China and more. This surely means that it truly works and is proven for global market.

Now it’s time to make America wink and let WTW helps you to do so.

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