From the studio that brought you ‘THE DEAD’ – the most successful African zombie movie in America – TriCoast Entertainment now presents the new and next biggest French post-apocalyptic thriller from the end of days, ‘ANGELS VS. ZOMBIES’. Available on DVD+VOD today, March 29th.

Los Angeles, CA – March 30, 2018 – Could the end of days be a real zombie apocalypse? Find out this Friday with post-apocalyptic film, ‘ANGELS VS. ZOMBIES’.

From Tricoast Entertainment, the people who brought you ‘THE DEAD’ – the most successful African zombie movie in America budgeted at $6 million USD – are now bringing the next biggest French post-apocalyptic thriller from the end of days, ‘ANGELS VS. ZOMBIES’ – set for DVD + VOD release today, March 29th.

Produced, written, and directed by Emmanuel Saez (‘Overcast’, ‘The Roads of Fear’), ‘ANGELS VS. ZOMBIES’ (a.k.a ‘Dark Patch’) is part of the “new wave of zombie movies” – ones about the chaotic and uncontrollable fall of social order due to the apocalypse. 


Saez’s French, post-apocalyptic film has created the comeback of the longtime zombie genre in a unique way. Containing religious overtones as a retelling of the New Testament, with the ultimate twist of Satan’s army of the dead has risen – and that the end of days could truly be a zombie-like apocalypse.

“After the new millennium, the zombie movies have retained the apocalyptical characteristics, but some of their narrative features have radically changed. These films show the end of history and even the aftermath of this event, thus expressing a kind of post-historical or post apocalyptical attitude. I use the terms ‘end of history’ and ‘post-historical’,” stated Tamás Kisantal’s study, ‘Living in the Post-Apocalyptic World’, pg. 185-197 in ‘Post-Apocalyptic World’. 

The film commences with the collapse of Rome, as seven priests from the Church journey to France, where they are revealed to be archangels sent from God. Following Paul Dose (Vincent Andres), a violent and dangerous criminal is arrested by two French police officers, David Matéry (Philippe Coste) and Sarah Bayram (Elissa Houles), where Paul suffers from a deathly gunshot wound, but somehow is revived and rushed to the hospital.

At the hospital, chaos immediately seeps in through the hospital walls as the doctors, patients, and even Sarah turn into evil-raging, violent zombie-like animals. Seen through brain imaging glasses as a dark spot on the frontal lobe, the “dark patch” detects and plagues individuals who are quick to be violent criminals. David teams up with archangel, Victoria (Sonia Perez) and the others to stop these now zombie-like people, exhibiting a mysterious “dark patch” – its evil-spreading disease, from leak outside of the hospital’s walls. 

Similar to Don Siegel´s ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’ (1956), which plotline follows bizarre, extraterrestrial organisms that have the ability to copy an individual’s personality to change them into ‘living robots’ or ‘aliens’ that look similar to real, human people. “The enemy lives among ordinary Americans and looks similar to them; the aliens cannot easily be differentiated from normal citizens and even the alien invasion is not a direct attack to the world but rather spreads like an invisible infection,” observed Kisantal.

One of the several shocking twists in ‘ANGELS VS. ZOMBIES’ is when David and the archangels discover Paul is responsible for the contagious, deadly, zombie-like spread. Paul continues to gain power, he embodies the “Green Rider”; one of the Four Horsemen mentioned in the sixth chapter of The Book of Revelation / Apocalypse of John.

Also known as Revelation or Apocalypse from the book of the New Testament, the word “apocalypse” actually derives from the Greek work for unveiling or revelation. During the emergence of the Renaissance, artists began to paint scenes from the Bible’s Book of Revelation – at heart, a terrifying apocalypse story about the end-of-the-world in the Western world (Sarah Goodyear, NY Daily News).

Photo: From SlidePlayer – Book of Revelation, King James Bible, 1611

Saez’s ‘ANGELS VS. ZOMBIES’ is a unique film encompassing the ‘new wave of zombie movies’, creating a comeback of the longtime zombie genre by focusing on post-apocalyptic attributes, which horror-fans and zombie-lovers alike will indulge in its frenzied violence for centuries to come.

The ‘classic’ films or ones about the apocalypse “films expressed the end of history as a turning point from which the meaning of the whole Western culture and history is questioned (we have built a culture being incapable of wrestling with an outbreak of the undead),” recognized Kisantal, differentiating those ‘classic’ films from the ones the entertainment world is seeing now. He stated, “But these new works present the situation after the disaster has occurred and concentrate on the efforts of survivors trying to build a kind of life on the ruins of civilization.”


Could the end of days be a real zombie apocalypse, or will you be able to survive the “dark patch” and live in a world of the undead?

Find out today with TriCoast Entertainment’s new, U.S. release of Saez’s intelligent, French post-apocalyptic thriller from the end of days, ‘ANGELS VS. ZOMBIES’ on DVD + VOD platforms: Amazon, iTunes, InDemand, Google Play, Sony Playstation, Microsoft Xbox, Dish Sling, and Fandango.

‘ANGELS VS. ZOMBIES’ recently participated in Asia’s oldest and most reputable platforms for filmmakers, the 42nd Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF) 2018, represented by TriCoast Worldwide CEO’s, Strathford Hamilton and Marcy Levitas Hamilton.

The film’s rewarding and talented cast includes Paul’s role of a dangerous criminal by first-time actor, Vincent Andres and the two invigorating roles of the police officers star Philippe Coste (Patrick Jumel’s drama play, ‘On A Frappé’, ‘Winter War’) and Elissa Houles (member of drama company, ‘Le Contrepoint Theatre’, various short films). The capturing role of Victoria is by Sonia Perez (‘Rendez-vous chez Max’, ‘Overcast’, ‘Winter War’, comedian ‘Improphile’), alongside Brice Lemaire (‘Overcast’) and Zacharie by Manuel Gonçalves (‘Overcast’, nominated Best New Actor in ‘Action on Film’ festival for David Aboucaya’s ‘Last Blues’, ‘Winter War’). ‘ANGELS VS. ZOMBIES’ continues its enthusiastic cast with Jean Christophe Aubert (‘Overcast’, ‘Rough Cut’), Boniface, played by local actor Florent Hugon (‘Le Criquet’), Perè Jean Anselme by Michel Sidobre (‘1, rue du Caussanel’, ‘La Femme aux yeux rouges’, ‘Overcast’), and Laurent Cerulli (‘Overcast’, ‘Sur L’echelle De Hynek’, ‘Thanato’, ‘Inavouables’, ‘Et si je t’aime’, ‘Rough Cut’, ‘Winter War’). Alongside is David Aboucaya and also stars Anne Blanchon, Georges Spina, Katia Rodriguez, Xacier Pace, and Cyrille Rodriguez.

Watch the trailer for ‘ANGELS VS. ZOMBIES’ now: https://vimeo.com/240888620

ANGELS VS. ZOMBIES (2017, 90 min.) Written and Directed by Emmanuel Saez. Produced by: Emmanuel Saez, Fabienne Saez, Cecile Spina. Original Music: Valentin Simonelli. US, English. TriCoast Worldwide.

Producers: Emmanuel Saez, Fabienne Saez, Cecile Spina

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