Everscent the Groundbreaking startup Changing the way fragrance is Worn, Launches On Kickstarter

DULUTH, GA – March 30th, 2018 – Teen businessman and seasoned entrepreneur Mr. Faiz Imran is no stranger to the concept of disrupting established markets – and this time, he’s demonstrating his strong business acumen through the concept of Everscent, the new, smart solution revolutionizing how perfume is worn. Mr. Imran is seeking the public’s assistance in helping bring Everscent into fruition, through launching a crowdfunding campaign on the Kickstarter platform.

Speaking about Everscent, Mr. Imran, who is the company’s CEO, said “The act of wearing fragrance is something more than just adhering to social norms. One’s favorite scent is a strong indicator of their personal style, and it acts as an instant mood shifter and confidence booster, when needed.”

“We are excited to bring Everscent to a broad audience that shares our passion for entrepreneurship and innovative applications of 3D printing technology. We are confident that through the Kickstarter community’s support, we will be able to bring Everscent into the hands of thousands of people around the world.”

Everscent is the first and only accessory on the market using movement to release fragrance, making it easy to remain fresh even when forgetting to spray one’s clothes or accessories by the time their fragrance has worn off.

Everscent’s sleek, patent-pending design is comprised of a cap, a fragrance chamber and a fragrance bottle which can be filled with each holder’s fragrance of choice. The fragrance is released into the chamber through motion, which brings about capillary action, leading to the absorption of the fragrance into the chamber’s eco-friendly, PLA material, from where the scent is finally released through osmosis.

Versatile, affordable, and incredibly stylish, Everscent caps will be available in four, interchangeable styles: click cap; necklace cap; pen cap, and pocket cap.

The Everscent Kickstarter campaign is set to conclude on Sunday, May 6th, 2018 at 7:21 PM UTC +03:00. Those wishing to contribute to the campaign are advised to do so well in advance of its end date.

To learn more about Mr. Imran and FI Enterprises and Holdings, please visit: www.faizimran.com or https://www.instagram.com/faizimran_official/

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