Anthony L Walker New Book “TRANSFORMATION – LIVING A CHRISTIAN LIFE” now Available on Amazon

This book’s purpose is to reunite you with God, His Word, and His will for your life, which is good and acceptable and perfect. It’s of the view that a transformed mind precedes a transformed life.

Hampton, GA – March 30, 2018 – Anthony L. Walker is thrilled to announce the launch of his new book titled TRANSFORMATION – LIVING A CHRISTIAN LIFE. Every being goes through some transformation in life. Amidst the many forms of transformation is the spiritual transformation. This is the fulcrum of all other forms of transformation because it deals with the inside and is revealed on the outside. In all intents and purposes, the way to go about this transformation is through an in-depth personal study of the Bible.

However, it’s a commonplace that many have derailed. Most people now follow their thought patterns, forgetting the dictates of the Bible. In this vein, Transformation-Living a Christian Life is a timely book which aims to draw Christians back to the word of God. It tries to lead Christians to the Bible and the instructions of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. No doubt, our Souls are very vital, and that’s one of the reasons Walker took some time to make every individual understand what needed to be done as a Christian.

The book’s purpose is to reunite you with God, His Word, and His will for your life, which is good and acceptable and perfect. The book is an insight into living a good Christian life. It provides one with the information that brims with inspiration and application to lead to one’s transformation.” Said Anthony L. Walker, author of TRANSFORMATION – LIVING A CHRISTIAN LIFE. “In all truth, making heaven is the target of every Christian. You ought to see Christ spotless for no unclean person is worthy to behold Jesus Christ.”He added.

Transformation- Living a Christian Life is not one of those self-help books. It is a God-help book. It is a book about “The God’s written Word.”  Walker simply wants to inspire everyone to read and study the book. For everyone who is ready to take the bold step of transformation can get a copy of Anthony Walker’s book on Amazon store and will be glad.

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About Anthony L. Walker

Anthony L. Walker has served in various capacities in ministry, but it is his walk with God, that has taken him through real-life experiences, and given him testimonies that he reveals through his writings. His target is to provide information, and inspiration, that can lead to people transformation. He enjoys sharing God’s Word with everyone, especially God’s plan of salvation. His greatest desire is to win souls for God’s Kingdom. He has other books to his credit.

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