Gnfei Technology Co.,Ltd Produces A Variety Of Digital And Inkjet Printers With International Certification

Gnfei Technology Co.,Ltd is based in China. It manufactures a wide range of printers that are certified by SGS, CE, FCC. Through its shopping portal, the company provides services to its broad customer base which is spread across the world.

There are different types of printers in the market having different features like Dot-Matrix Printers, Line Printers, Daisy Wheel Printers, Drum Printers, Band Printers, Chain Printers, Laser Printers and Ink Jet printers. Inkjet printers are the latest type of computer printing which recreates a digital image by propelling droplets of ink onto plastic, paper or other substances. Gnfei Technology Company limited is working on solutions based on Flatbed Inkjet Printing for over ten years. Its principal products range from Multifunction Printer, garments and T-shirts Printer, UV printer, coffee printer, card printer, Customized gift printer, hot stamping printer, food printer and many more. The printers have taken FCC, SGS, CE certifications and it exports its products to more than 120 countries.

The company produces UV printer that comes with modernized designing solutions. It can print white color as it has white UV ink and it comes with eco-solvent ink. The flatbed printing technology improves the efficiency of the machines. UV printers can print on any material directly without any coating or pretreatment, but in flatbed printers spray coat is required before printing (for all the articles) otherwise the image can be easily removed by a simple scratch. UV printers are efficient enough to print out copy with Embossed Effect but the flatbed printer cannot, it also dries the ink in no time, but flatbed printers take time to dry up the ink.

Gnfei Technology Co.,Ltd Produces A Variety Of Digital And Inkjet Printers With International Certification

The organization also manufactures impressive coffee printer, it doesn’t need any devices, and no app is required to run this printer. One can merely upload an image by scanning QR code or input URL, and it prints the desired picture in just twenty seconds. Now one can create inspiring art designs on the froth layer of the coffee by simple clicks. It is highly secured, it meets all the safety measures, it has independent R&D spray-head, and the ink which is used is edible and certified by SGS and food safety certification. Its Biaxial rotation system allows it to rotate from 0 degrees to 60 degrees for best viewing angle. Its atmosphere lamp design makes it more attractive, captivating which blends for a cozier room ambiance. It just weights ten kgs, and it is very comfortable to carry.

The company also produces t-shirt printing machine; now one can print t-shirts according to their choice. The devices are semi-automatic as well as full automatic according to the customer’s choice. The ink used in this printer is bright which makes the t-shirt look colorful and durable; it doesn’t wash away after washing.  It has a long lifespan of more than three years.   

The company has a well-designed website which makes shopping easy; customers can visit the site and place an order without any hassle. However, it takes 4-6 working days. The company delivers products to its customers globally and accepts all the payment methods.

About Gnfei Technology Co.,Ltd:

Gnfei Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the leading online shopping portals. It provides a different type of printers like Customized gift printer, hot stamping printer, food printer and many more. To know more, please visit their official website.

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