LED Retrofit Kits Make It Easy to Replace Metal Halide and HPS in Existing Fixtures

MyLEDLightingGuide.com is a USA based company located in Nashua, New Hampshire providing commercial and industrial LED lighting solutions since 2008. Our primary goal is to assist our commercial customers in saving energy and money by utilizing safe, efficient LED lighting for their offices and other facilities. It is also our goal to educate our customers with real and relevant information about LED Lighting, and methods for converting from their older style lights over to LED using our LED Retrofit Kits. We provide one-to-one support to assist our customers in purchasing the right product for their application. Therefore, we take the time to work with each customer to select the proper product for your needs. 

LED Retrofit Kits by MyLedLightingGuide Company are specifically designed solutions for Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium and HID to LED Conversion in over 99% of existing fixtures / applications. Our DLC Premium Qualified Retrofits qualify for maximum rebates and are extremely affordable! Additionally, our units backed with a 10-year warranty. Retro-fitting your existing bulbs/lamps/fixtures is far more cost effective than full replacement.

All of our LED Retrofit Kits have the potential to increase your energy savings by up to 75%! We can easily supply you with the optimal solution. Our kits contain everything you need to successfully complete an upgrade from HID to LED.

LED High Bay Retrofits by MyLedLightingGuide Company are specifically designed to screw into the existing socket of your existing High Bay. DLC Qualified for rebate eligibility, our units are backed by a great 5-10 year warranty. Whether you are considering our 100W LED High Bay Retrofit, with 15,550 Lumens, which replaces a 400w Metal Halide, or a LED High Bay Retrofit Bulb, with a range of 80/100/120w and 9,600/12,000/14,000 lumens, which replaces either the 250w or 400w Metal Halide, retro-fitting your existing high bay is far more cost effective than replacing.

Another alternative is using a standard industrial LED Retrofit Kit designed to replace Metal Halide and High-Pressure Sodium Bulbs. This technology is in the upper ends of LED efficiency and requires the bulb, ballast and socket removed from the fixture and replaced with a mounting bracket designed for High Bays. The driver gets installed where the ballast was, and the head gets installed in the fixture to the mounting bracket. Installing these commercial high bay LED retrofit kits are simple and easy to do.

Our driving philosophy is to offer solid, reliable and the most energy efficient products to our customers. And it starts with providing you with the right solution for your needs. Whether you need a new fixture or a retrofit solution, we will ask the questions to make sure we are providing you with the best possible option available today that meets your needs. So, it is important we know what YOU are trying to solve before we offer the best solution.

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