Matchmaker Hellen Chen\’s Love Seminar Event Coming Up in Los Angeles This April

“Hellen Chen speaking at one of her Love Seminar events.”
Hellen Chen’s Love Seminar is for professionals, who are single, in a relationship, or married. Hellen Chen, an international speaker, relationship master and 3 Times #1 Bestselling Author, will be conducting the Love Seminar at the Hilton Hotel in San Gabriel on 28th April 2018. Hardworking professionals will benefit from proven tips and strategies for greater success in their careers.

Relationship expert and best-selling author, Hellen Chen, has continued to spread her message of bliss in relationships and marriages. This time, making a guest appearance at a local radio station, where she shared views from her best-selling book, Love Seminar. She also has a live event coming up in Los Angeles, where she applies the knowledge from the book to real-world situations. Each attendant works one-on-one with Ms. Chen to figure out a unique solution to their personal problems.

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Current statistics show that more than half of marriages in the United States end in divorce, while over 85 percent of relationships end in breakups. There is obviously something wrong with popular ideology about relationships and marriage. Chen has taken on the challenge to correct this mindset and bring about fun and lasting unions. 

During the interview, she made a remarkable statement that “Contrary to popular belief, marriage is not about the ending or the death of romance and love.” Marriage is actually the stage for love and romance. She explained that people don’t lose their freedom to marriage; rather true freedom comes in marriage because one gets the trust and support of a partner.

Chen’s Love Seminar offers an elixir for ailing relationships—a different view from popular opinions about relationships and marriage. In the book, Chen explains that “Marriage is the most reliable home for love and is also the most beautiful stage for love.” This is in tune with her trademark advice that dating should happen after marriage and not before. According to her, most dating that happens before marriage ends in a break-up, but dating after marriage is “forever”.

The book answers a lot of questions that are raised in the popular relationship event, Hellen Chen’s Love Seminar, which she hosts in Los Angeles and Asia. It offers simple steps to improve communication and romance in relationships. The event is especially suitable for working professionals who may have missed some lessons in love.

Since the release of Love Seminar in 2013, readers and critics alike have heaped praises on this book. They have pointed to its liberating view of relationships and surprisingly simple steps to improve relationships and marriages. Mrs. Mishi, who has been married for over 40 years, was amazed at how Love Seminar helped her improve upon her marriage relationship which she thought had already peaked. She echoed Chen’s catchphrase, “Marriage is NOT the end of romance no matter how old you are!” Another reader was gratefully shocked at how the book transformed her views on what she considered a “perfect match”.

Professional matchmaker Hellen Chen started bringing couples together as a teenager and has honed her matchmaking skills ever since. She has written over 25 books on relationships including bestsellers The Matchmaker of the CenturyLove Seminar and What Schools Don’t Teach You. She speaks at various events and hosts the international event, Love Seminar.

Hellen Chen is coming to Los Angeles on April 28th for her next Love Seminar event. She will be meeting with a group of singles and couples alike to assist them personally and discover what each person needs to work on. She will be working directly with her attendees at the Love Seminar. Everyone will walk away with a significant amount of resources and solutions for their own personal situations.

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