TimeSheet Reporter Launches Free Plan for Tracking Time in Outlook

Timesheet Reporter has launched the first free timesheet software plan for employees to make their projects and activity work a lot easier.

Denmark – April 2, 2018 – TimeSheet Reporter has announced a launch of the best free Microsoft Outlook timesheet software for managers and employees to work even better and more effeciently within an organization.

The company is based on creating innovative solutions to save resources and time spent, by leveraging the Outlook Calendar. TimeSheet Reporter free software makes the reporting of time about each business activity simpler with the help of timesheet reporting in Outlook.

A manager from the company states, “This software helps employees do timesheet reporting directly from their Microsoft Outlook Calendar. The professionals can add the time for business activities via the appointments, and time is tracked on a particular project, which makes it really easy for everybody.”

Features of Free Timesheet Software

The software plan provided by TimeSheet Reporter helps the organizational staff in carrying out free time tracking about a particular event or activity. The activity or project can be still pending or accomplished. This software has many great features like:

  • The software adds an extra layer to the Microsoft Outlook Calendar appointment so it can work as a timesheet.
  • It provides an opportunity for the employees to keep an eye on the un-submitted time entries.
  • It will help employees to complete them on time.
  • This timesheet solution helps employees to report about the completion of a customer’s project on time. It helps the company’s to save their resources and start with the relevant activities or projects.
  • This software helps the employees to add comments to a specific task about its completion and the way customer needed it to be done. Moreover, if the approver has rejected any entry then also the user can add necessary comments.
  • The TimeSheet Reporter software helps employees to manually or automatically integrate or share the required data with the CRM, Accounting and ERP systems in an organization.

According to the company, “The latest and free timesheet software by TimeSheet Reporter is creating waves in the industrial organizations. It helps to track the time taken for a particular activity through the Outlook Calendar. Free launch of this software by the company is going to fix many problems for the employees and employers and make life a lot easier for everybody.”

TimeSheet Reporter is extending help to organizational employees for managing the activities seamlessly and completing them within a required time period.

About the Company

TimeSheet Reporter is set up to provide help to the organizations in timely reporting about their ongoing projects and activities. For details about this software, reach out to us at http://www.timesheetreporter.com/.

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