Trendercoin Begins Trading on IDEX, Aims to Enable Mass Adoption of Cryptocurrencies

Trendercoin (TDC), the simple blockchain solution for 1.3 trillion worth consumer spending and minimal fee access to cryptocurrencies, has successfully begun trading on the IDEX exchange. The listing will soon be followed by the launch of, a platform backed by Trendercoin.

The Trendercoin IDEX listing is yet another milestone for this revolutionary idea which will enable worldwide adoption of cryptocurrencies, as well as enabling events, crypto meet-ups and an easy to use crypto exchange. Trendercoin’s total supply is 1 billion (with 55 percent in distribution), and fund raised from the ICO will be used exclusively for developing the Trendercoin Exchange, DAPPs for the project, marketing and user acquisition. backed by trendercoin promises to be the DAPP of mass adoption. Crypto markets in Asia and other similar regions offer obstacles to mass adoption due to high fees and exchange rates, with heavy demand and a mismatch of limited access. Trendercoin will enable cryptocurrency adoption to increase from 100 million to billions. This is the same goal as stated by @AriDavidPaul: “1/ My goal: increase global cryptocurrency adoption from ~100 million to 1 billion people in the next 18 months.”

The Asian markets carry an additional 10-70% additional rates on cryptocurrency trading, while the emerging markets in Africa are worth a huge $1.3 trillion in consumer spending. The majority of this market struggles to adopt cryptocurrencies, though demand is heavy and increasing each day, with trade volumes in multi-million dollars. Trendercoin aims to make the trading volumes worth billions of dollars with easy access and minimal fees.

There are several forces that are likely to propel the value of Trendercoin upwards. Launch of the Trendercoin Exchange will be a huge stimulus for skyrocketing demand. The decentralized apps and other Trender projects are supported by its community and will enable massive adoption of the cryptocurrency in the emerging markets and globally.

Trendercoin’s focus is on the Millennial generation, and its projects are backed by community proposals for massive adoption of Trendercoin and integration of decentralized applications (DAPP) for Millennials in emerging markets and globally, with a target audience of 3.7 billion to emerge as the driver of the world economy by 2020.

Use cases of Trendercoin include fiat and SMS payment integration, music streaming and event apps (, energy infrastructure integration, and a decentralized power project to bring renewable energy to blockchain with a P2P renewable power investment and trading platform.

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