Vectoraic: When AI Meets Block chain, the Revolution has Approached

Fingerprint recognition, face recognition, intelligent search, intelligent robot… These technologies that we already know are all in the range of AI sequences. AI has been widely applied in many disciplines in recent 30 years. Now let’s think about it, what if AI meets Block chain, the hottest area of 2018?

On March 23rd, China-Israel AI & Block chain Industry Summit 2018 was successfully held at the Four Seasons Hotels in Guangzhou. It was hosted by the Israeli Consulate General in Guangzhou, Yuejia Fund, Weilai finance, cohosted by ChainHoo Finance. Numerous celebrities from the science and technology area has attended.

Technology win-win: How AI + block chain tackle problems?

Vectoraic, the top Autopilot Project from Israel has offer a brilliant answer to the above question. Aviram Malik, the Co-founder and COO of Vectoraic has presented the whole solution in the summit, which had greatly impressed all of guests.

For automatic driving, the current technology on the market can only detect a certain range of visible objects. But Vectoraic’s revolutionary technology is able to receive data between transmission devices, such as mobile phones, sensors and cameras, to perceive, predict risk areas and send early warning signals that may collide.

Vectoraic owns an exclusive patent for the software algorithm, which can accurately predict any moving objects in vehicles, pedestrians, or on the road to prevent collisions. Vectoraic is also in the world’s leading position in radar technology, providing users with the smallest vehicle computer computing system. Compared to Google’s large cellular network radar, Vectoraic is completely omni-directional and fast-speeding.

Aviram Malik is very promising for the future of the combination of artificial intelligence and block chain. “AI and block chain are the trends of future development. We find that many people are very interested in this, because this combination will bring us an innovative area for our communication architecture and automatic technology, and we have to find a combination to benefit mankind.”

As the leading innovation and technology enterprise in the world, Vectoraic’s targeting on AI and block chain has also released a signal of technological change, and it is worth mentioning that the innovative technology of Vectoraic can be applied not only to the road level, but also to the aviation system, the intelligent city, the legal implementation system, the insurance industry data, the accident report and the railway transportation.

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