IVIA Tracking Platform Aims to Transform Logistics

April 3rd, 2018 – Tony Radchishin, a founder of the international startup IVIA, announced that the company’s unique logistical system is now available for a 90-day free trial. It provides a more robust, secure and accurate shipping and tracking system that connects shippers and 3PLs for greater cost effectiveness.

“Being in the logistic business for a decade, we understand the pains and challenges industry faces today. We brought the best practices and knowledge from the field and created a new global visibility platform. IVIA will provide companies with a highly accurate and transparent tracking system for improved efficiency, cost savings and transparency,” said Radchishin.

It’s easy to experience the difference that IVIA brings to logistics and tracking – individuals simply create an account, a driver downloads the IVIA app, add a shipment, and begin tracking.

Supply chain management is an essential element, whether a company is a local or international 3PL, carrier or shipper. IVIA is a trusted logistics partner that solves the most pressing problems of shippers. IVIA offers a cost-effective system and provides complete transparency.

The IVIA platform utilizes Global Positioning System that provides a unique new system of updates that increases accuracy with a mobile platform that relays information about any unit’s location every five minutes. Locations are displayed on the company’s personal Web account, enabling shippers to know exactly where freight is at any point in time.

IVIA contains a distinctive, interactive map where shipper can view the route a carrier is taking, their current location, and checks their speed and idle time. Carriers can add a fleet of units to track repeatedly and 3PLs can track units one time. IVIA allows companies to rely less on intermediaries and establish enhanced accountability and custody control.

IVIA’s 90-day free trial of the new platform provides anyone in the freight and shipping industry with the opportunity to discover all the benefits and advantages of a system designed to disrupt the paradigm of tracking.

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