Beyond Buzz Turns New Product Ideas Reality with Expert Marketing Support for Crowdfunding Campaigns

April 3rd, 2018 Not every start-up or entrepreneurs gets the funding they deserve. Even with crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo, innovators who are raring to go to market with their finest creations can get bogged down with the right strategy to obtain the cherished million dollar funding. Marketing firm Beyond Buzz is now trying to bring about a change by helping entrepreneurs successfully raise the money they want.

Those with new ideas, product prototypes or innovative concepts often struggle to go into actual production and sales due to lack of funds. Getting into debt is also not a good idea, and crowdfunding is thus a natural choice. However, success with crowdfunding too is not a cake walk and requires some expert strategies.

With Beyond Buzz, anyone with a new idea can use crowdfunding to raise the money they want with proven marketing techniques. Beyond Buzz has helped inventors, dreamers and entrepreneurs to raise over $1 million for their ventures. It has so far launched over 350 successful products.

Beyond Buzz has been helping entrepreneurs, plan and execute successful crowdfunding campaigns since 2008. When you are looking to gain mass exposure on the world’s most popular crowdfunding websites, Beyond Buzz should be your first call. Do you have a revolutionary toaster? How about waterproof shoes? Crazier things have gone on to become multimillion dollar a year companies, and we can help you achieve success too,” said a spokesperson from Beyond Buzz.

Beyond Buzz is where the boundaries of digital marketing and product launches get pushed to their limits. The firm believes that crowdfunding is the ideal way to raise money and can revolutionize entrepreneurship. To achieve these objectives, the firm partners with innovators and assists them in launching their products.

The Beyond Buzz official website also offers crowdfunding podcasts and free crowdfunding training to those who wish to turn their dreams into reality.


Since 2008, Beyond Buzz has been at the forefront of crowdfund marketing and success. We partner with entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life via online fundraising campaigns. Get in touch today!

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