Punchout Catalogs GT Launches New Website

The new website from Punchout Catalogs GT will allow users to more easily find what they are looking for and connect with experienced staff members when finding punchout catalogs for their own businesses.

Delaware – Punchout Catalogs GT is business that provides a secure system that helps to automate transactions between a buyer and suppliers for simpler and centralized purchases. The eProcurement system allows customers to enter a supplier’s web-based catalog over OCI or cXML standards. It all starts with the creation of a shopping cart, something that can eventually be transferred to external systems to complete the PunchOut process.

Secure transactions are pivotal and such is something that Punchout Catalogs GT wants to deliver. eProcurement systems are not only a modern approach for companies and suppliers, but a handy solution to keep track of spending and purchases. It is a system that provides valuable insights on a company’s spending and how contracts and vendors are managed. This makes it easier for those overseeing the company’s purchases to match orders with invoices and vendors.

There are essentially two types of vendor catalogs for eProcurement systems. The first is the Hosted Catalogs (CIF), essentially flat files given to customers carrying key information on products and services. It is simply leaded up onto the internal application of a vendor that aids when purchases are to be made. The second one, PunchOut Catalogs, offers an advanced and yet convenient approach. They are essentially external websites that clients can access from their eProcurement applications. Users can be automatically created, something done by using the information on the PunchOut request. Of the two, PunchOut Catalogs offer more flexibility to suppliers who need to reconfigure products, allowing them to change or update them at anytime. The CIF does allow buyers to purchase from multiple suppliers although price or stock changes can only be done once a new catalog is loaded.

With the fruits that online selling has to offer, a PunchOut Catalog is a benefit for both buyers and suppliers. It accounts for easier cross-selling and can help upsell additional services and products. Larger companies can benefit immensely, especially when it comes to auditing or tracking transactions. They are flexible and customizable depending on current systems. There are multiple possibilities, a great reason why it is best to sit down and discuss matters with Punchout Catalogs GT.

Punchout Catalogs GT is based in Delaware. They can be reached by phone at 1-800-975-3046 or via email at info@punchoutcatalogsgt.com.

To learn more about that pros and cons of eProcurement systems, their official website can be found at https://www.punchoutcatalogsgt.com/.

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