Powering Africa Project Blockchain Solar Energy Solution for a Cleaner and Cheaper Energy for All

Solarex Powering Africa Project is an initiative of Africa Blockchain Research Council, a trading name of Autorepublic ltd, UK.  The company has announced dates for its Utility Token Generation Events commencing from April 2018

Solarex Powering Africa Project is a blockchain based energy solution designed to offer sustainable and efficient energy by providing energy at a low and affordable price for all, thanks to its high tech solar energy solutions. The company aims to achieve this goal by using the Blockchain technology, as it announces its public coin pre-sale that will  start  on 15th April 2018.

One of the parts of the world that has been greatly affected by inadequate power supply is Africa, where most parts of the continent can barely boast of a regular supply of power. However, Solarex has taken the bull by the horns with the initiative to provide sustainable power to that part of the world using the Blockchain technology.

Solarex energy solution is looking to become the largest, most efficient and sustainable solar energy provider in Africa by offering energy at a cheap and affordable price for all while setting a new standard for energy consumption and relentlessly focusing on customer satisfaction. The company has put itself in the right position with its Powering Africa Project.

The disruptive, decentralized and democratized solar energy project aims to build a solar energy ecosystem that is clean and affordable for everyone, providing cleaner and cheaper energy to users. The Solarex ICO where the SRX Utility Token will be sold is designed to raise and guarantee funds for the Power Africa project.

Unlike many ICOs and tokens, the SRX Utility Token is purpose-backed hence, tends to appreciate in value in a relatively short while especially as it will be running low very fast. This is particularly true as the project will be affecting millions of lives in Africa and the rest of the world, providing a long-term solution to one of the biggest problems in the region.

The pre-ICP stage where 100,000,000 tokens will be sold is scheduled to begin on 15th April and comes with a 20% bonus for buyers. The price of Solarex Tokens (SRX) will increase as the ICO progresses from one stage to the other.

The Solarex Tokens (SRX) ICO will be done in 4 different stages in addition to the pre-ICO stage, with each stage having its bonus. A total of 1,800,000,000 SRX will be issued at different rates. The Solarex Tokens (SRX) is scheduled to be available for trading on major exchanges 14days after the end of the ICO, with plans underway to launch Solarex Tokens (SRX) on 3 different exchanges. Transactable coins for the purchase of the tokens include Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

In addition to being a great contribution to solving a major problem in Africa, the token has also been described as “the investors’ ultimate choice” due to its unique features and investment prospects.

More information about Solarex, the Power Africa Project and the token sales can be found on the website, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as well as the whitepaper

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