Vie Belles launches new luxury knife series on Kickstarter

Vie Belles, a team of entrepreneurs, chefs, and designers who like great food and great products, launched a Kickstarter Campaign for their reserve knife series.

Introducing the future star of your kitchen

You can tell they are quality just by holding them in your hands. The perfect feel of the handle, sharpened edge, and evenly distributed knife weight make these cutting tools the right tool for any cutting job. 

They slice their way through the toughest ingredients foods, thanks to their precision and sturdy build. The knives have all been tried, tested, and found capable of giving you the best cuts for years to come.

The Teak Star campaign will be launching on Kickstarter on 28th March 2018 for November 2018 delivery.

These are truly professional quality, with a balance, sharpness and function thats first class all the way. I only use the best in my kitchen and, today, the Reserved Series is what youll find there.– Maryam.

Brighten up your kitchen with a Reserve Knife Series

Vie Belles 8″ Reserve Chef’s Knife is a well-crafted cutting tool that has been designed to offer the toughness, durability, and aesthetic appeal that your kitchen needs.

The Vie Belles’ 7″ Reserve Santoku Knife is a tool that never gets tired. Outside of being a capable implement for dicing, chopping, and slicing of vegetables, the knife is also perfect for cutting boneless meat and fish, thanks to its super sharp edge. 

If finishing details and handle shape are essential to you, then you shouldn’t look past Vie Belles’ 5.5-inches Nakiri Knife. The knife is versatile enough to let you cut vegetables of all shapes and sizes.

Lightweight and easy-to-use serrated bread knives won’t come greater than Vie Belles’ 10″ Reserve Bread Knife. The knife is an excellent workhouse to have in your kitchen thanks to its versatile, surprisingly light, and easy-to-control nature.

Besides adding beauty to your kitchen, Vie Belles’ 5.5″ Reserve Utility Knife offers convenience and practicality in more ways than can be imagined. 


About Vie Belles

We are a team of entrepreneurs, chefs, and designers who like great food and great products. We have no outside investors, no revenue goals, no PowerPoint presentations. That means it’s just you, our brilliantly skilled suppliers, and us.

For more information, please visit  Via Belles Kickstarter campaign

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