Nobelcoin – The Star Currency for March

Although prices for cryptocurrency dropped throughout the world in March, NobelCoin has gone against the trend with a price far above those of its rivals. This newly born currency is not only becoming a focus of attention for global investors, but also the darling of Wall Street, where investors are snapping them up and holding onto them. Thus, the new star of the currency world has arrived.

The author, a senior analyst in the cryptocurrency market, has recently paid special attention to the trends and developments of Nobelcoin.

Nobelcoin’s R&D, in a note to its miners published on its website on March 27, said that the number of users was increasing rapidly and more than 300,000 wallet downloads had taken place in just over a month. This led to its value exceeding 200 USD in situations where it is hard to get a coin. And the price is continuing to rise!

The note also mentions that, based on a new proof of stakes and sharing (POSS) for intelligent contract, mining and block rewards, after every 168,000 blocks mined, the output will be reduced by half. This reduction will take place every 4 months or so.

From May 22, the realization of diminishing block rewards will match the allocation of stakes and sharing block rewards. At the same time, this will also guarantee the value of NBLC held by all its miners!

This announcement reminds me of the second block reward halving of Bitcoin on its 8th birthday in 2016. The output declined from 25 coins per block to 12.5 coins, while its price rose to 1,050 USD per coin from 430 USD per coin. The scarcity is a result of market demands, so the price rise was inevitable!

Nobelcoin has therefore also halving the block rewards this time round, with a time schedule designed to protect all miners’ rights and interests and guarantee the value of NBLC. The potential for significant price increases is worth looking forward to!

The author has carried out an analysis from a marketing perspective:


1) Due to scarcity and demand, the appreciation of Nobelcoin is inevitable! We can refer to what happened with Bitcoin, whose price increased from 430 USD to 1,250 USD in just 3 months – up 300%!

2) It has been suggested that NBLC players could also buy more coins at lower prices before the block reward is halve, so as to increase volume and get more block rewards. This is a good starting point for increased wealth!

3)It is recommended that players hold on to more Nobelcoin and send out a large number of sharing links, in order to receive more sharing block rewards. As the saying in the currency markets goes: the coin is king, and holding coins leads to even more coins!

4) Smart mining is carried out by using smart contract designed by the R&D team at Nobelcoin. This acts as a guarantee for the rights and interests of Smart mining, maintains all miners’ interests and protects the value of the currency. This should enable Nobelcoin to recreate the feat achieved by Bitcoin, which increased by 300% in 2016, and to date has increased in value almost 10 million times! I think Nobelcoin has its own prerequisites and growth potential, and it should be able to achieve a 1000-fold growth. I would suggest investing in Nobelcoin, and holding on to them for the long term.

5) The block chain is not only an opening, but also a new era! Together, we will witness the birth of another currency king: The Nobelcoin.

By Steven Robinson, senior analyst at the New York Block Chain Research Institute.

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