Hanfugong Barbecue Shined on NASDAQ Screen

The furthest distant in the world is that when you show your delicacies on Wechat, your friends on the other side of the ocean can only look at those mouth-watering pictures with envy.


It’s OK now. Hanfugong Barbecue makes its presence on the digital screen on the NASDAQ Tower in New York Times Square. That means Chinese people can eat the authentic Chinese barbecue outside their motherland.

New York Times Square, known as the “crossroads of the world”, enjoys high popularity internationally. The big screen outside NASDAQ Stock Exchanges, a landmark of Times Square, is always labeled as the “No. 1 Screen in the World”. All leading enterprises in all fields across the world vie for opportunities to make publicity on the screen. It has become an important window for companies to show their strength. In recent years, Times Square has seen the short films promoting China and China’s Xinhua News Agency, as well as advertising videos of some internationally famous enterprises including Samsung, Microsoft, Google and Apple. As a domestically famous barbecue brand, Hanfugong made its mark on the NASDAQ screen, attracting much attention from local Chinese and Americans and showing the great charm of Chinese food.

Chinese food, I love you! Let’s make Hanfugong Barbecue available everywhere across the world! 

Hanfugong Barbecue made its debut on the digital screen of NASDAQ Tower,  a move which not only helps to show its products to the whole world and set up its high-end brand image, but also expand its  business scope and attract many potential customers and partners. Facing the future, based on domestic community and with an international vision, Hanfugong focues on building an internationally competitive brand. This is actually the development goal of Hanfugong products in the future.

By virtue of the Internet-based platform, Hanfugong will continuously strive to provide better products and services for customers in 2018. Through the brand show on NASDAQ screen in the heart of New York, this company will undoubtedly gain much room to maneuver in the international community, provide a boost to the development of  domestic barbecue industry and reveal the great potential of Chinese barbecue brand.

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