Harpreet S Arora appointed as Joint Secretary of Global Sikaran Federation

Games, and in particular traditional games, can be seriously studied as the most important and attractive way of improving physical, mental, effective, and social health of members of a society.

Keeping up the values is the need and its why Harpreet S Arora as been named as Joint Secretary of Global Sikaran Federation to advance old specialty of foot battling Traditional Sports Sikiran.

Mr Harpreet S. Arora’s appointed as the Joint Secretary of Global Sikaran Federation is just what Traditional Sports needs to move forward. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Mr Harpreet is an ideal candidate for the role, as a man with rich experience in Martial Arts as a Participant and as an attendance of various Karate, Taekwondo, Wushu events in India on National level seems a perfect choice for this role.Mr. Arora owns a successful internet technology company and has a passion for advancing cultural understanding through sports.

Sikaran is a distinct Filipino Martial Art that involves hand and foot fighting. As Sikaran is a general term for kicking which is also used as the name of the kicking aspects of other Filipino martial arts.

A gathering was held in Los Angeles, California in USA, organised by Mr. Shammi Rana Rapporteur/Secretary General of the Adhoc Advisory Committee of UNESCO Traditional Sports and Games (TSG), to talk about the activity intend to push old specialty of foot battling Traditional Sports Sikaran all through the World as Mr. Harpreet S Arora was brilliantly selected as the Joint Secretary of Global Sikaran Federation in the gathering.

Mr Harpreet commended Mr. Shammi Rana for his exercises and UNESCO’s motivation in helping Traditional Sports pick up its prevalence back is a need of the present world to underwrite Traditional Games brandishes as these are losing their prospect and qualities because of commercialization of different games.

In this meeting Mr. Emman Banaang Vice President Global Sikaran Federation thanked Mr. Rana, Mr Kaushik and Mr. Harpreet and awarded them with commendation award for their services for Traditional Games.

Hari Osias Banaag, originator of the Global Sikaran Federation and diplomat for the game and the vice president Mr Emma Banaag has been very effective in spreading the message of Sikaran to different nations. With the endeavors of other Sikaran lovers, they are building a notoriety for the game that began in the place where he grew up. He recently attended and was warmly received at the UNESCO Collective Consultation Meeting on the Preservation and the Promotion of Traditional Sports and Game (TSG). “I am pushing for Sikaran to be included in the Olympics,” he shares. He also dreams of it as being included in Filipino school curriculum and to be recognized as a National Sport.

For his endeavors, he was warmly gotten in services drove by the town’s Vice Mayor Wilfredo Robles. “We are glad that Baras is getting to be known as the origin of Sikaran. We are additionally glad that there are individuals like Hari Osias Banaag and alternate gatherings who are conveying Sikaran to the worldwide spotlight,” he says.

VP Rising Sun Welfare Society, Mr. Vishal Kaushik additionally discusses the significance of Traditional Sports in the cutting edge time, he cited that “we have to advance Traditional Sports and diversions in youth and kids that they can know about our rich social Traditional incentive through Sports”.

The assignment for Mr Harpreet is hold more local state and worldwide level occasions in work to advance and support Traditional Sports, which he his more than skilled to convey.

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