Bestselling Author Kay Sanders to Launch her new Book “Messages of Inspiration” a book full of inspiration and motivation.

With many people’s growing desire for more joy, happiness and fulfillment in their life, Kay Sanders answered the calling to help people learn how to harness their inner guidance and to inspire and motivate them to go after their dreams and manifest their heart desires.

She is known as “The Creator of Possibilities” for her unique ability to help conscious entrepreneurs find that missing piece to making their business a huge success so they can make a big impact in the world and create more freedom in their life. Now, Kay Sanders, best-selling author of “The Coaching Business Blueprint”, is taking her calling to even greater heights with the release of her newest book “Messages of Inspiration – 365 Days of Inspiration and Motivation”.

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Messages of Inspiration is an inspirational and motivational book that is meant to inspire its readers that anything is possible for them and that no matter how difficult their life, or circumstances might seem, there is always light at the end of the tunnel and always infinite possibilities available to create more joy, happiness and success in one’s life.

Sanders’ personal philosophy is “Anything is possible and there are infinite possibilities available to each and every one of us, if we allow ourselves to see these possibilities and allow ourselves to receive. If we do, then we can create all the things our heart desires”. And if any doubts the power of this philosophy to achieve great success and happiness, they need only look at Sanders’ real-life example for proof.

Born and raised in Germany, Kay Sanders married a U.S. Soldier and as he received orders she moved with him and her young son to the El Paso, Texas in 2006 with the hope of a great life and future in a country far from home. However, only few weeks after arriving, her husband decided to leave her to raise her son alone. All the challenges she had to face being on her own without any support threatened to overwhelm her and success seemed like an unachievable dream at that time. Yet, after many years of trying, pushing, hard work and dedication, never giving up and keep moving forward, she learned how to overcome these challenges and the “inner gremlins” that kept sabotaging her success.

Along the way she not only discovered her passion for coaching but also for the spiritual side and a deep, burning desire to help others find that missing piece to help them break free from their inner gremlins and finally create the life and business of their dreams.

“I struggled for many years because I focused all of my attention on doing all the right things to market myself and my business but completely ignored the inner work, and who I needed to become within, in order to become successful.”

Sanders wrote her new book Messages of Inspiration with the burning desire to inspire and motivate people that anything is truly possible for them, and no matter how many curveballs life throws at you, there is always a way to break free from the illusions our “monkey mind” conjures. Her book holds 365 inspirational and motivational quotes that will bring the reader the inspiration and motivation to help them stay their course towards creating the life they desire, to create more joy, happiness and success in their life.

“Your book is a great balance of inspiration with a warm push to take action,” says Omar Turner. “The action steps are practical and easy to start. After the first two weeks, I noticed changes within me, on both the physical and spiritual plane. Thank you for your dedication to helping people flourish.”

Today, besides running a successful coaching business, and launching her new book Messages of Inspiration, Sanders has become well known across the globe through her continuous efforts to break out of her comfort zone and inspiring as many people as she can by sharing her message with the world.

“We often forget that we are infinite beings, who can do, be and have anything our heart desires but we often get derailed by our negative and limiting thoughts, the illusions we live by that keeps us playing small because we fear change, we fear failure, or we simply don’t think more is in store for us. This is what lead me to write this book to bring light back into people life’s, to inspire and motivate them to go after what they truly want and stay in awe about what truly is possible for them.”

On April 17th, 2018 her book Messages of Inspiration will be available on Amazon and Kindle.

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