Eco Haven online shop presents eco-friendly, everyday products that help reduce plastic waste

Plastic has become an inseparable part of everyone’s life and has dug deep into the everyday lifestyle whether it’s in the form of a plastic shampoo bottle, cosmetic containers, cutlery, carry bags or other stuff. This is why Eco Haven, an online store has taken the initiative to help people in reducing plastic waste around them by providing alternative products that are reusable and eco-friendly.

Eco Haven has stocked only a limited number of items but all those items directly lower the amount of plastic waste caused by the user. All the products such as cutlery, carry bags, crochet needle etc. are made using environment-friendly material that lasts long, is reusable and causes no excessive waste. Instead of browsing through websites to look for eco-friendly options, the customer can choose the carefully curated products by Eco Haven to contribute towards the betterment of the planet Earth.

To get started, Eco Haven suggests the starter pack to their customers that contains a set of products which they can use as an alternative to the plastic products around them. The pack contains 6 pieces set of reusable and eco-friendly straws, 12 pcs reusable mesh bags to replace plastic bags, reusable silicone saran wrap to seal up items in the house, reusable travel containers to store cosmetics while traveling and 3 piece cutlery set as an alternative to plastic cutlery. The starter pack is meant to cut down all the immediate plastic waste while there are many more products available at the online store that can help tackle the problem of plastic waste.

Eco Haven inspires the people to live the eco-friendly way and reduce the usage of plastic material as much as possible. It also lists down a few measures to do so, such as buying food that is not wrapped in plastic, responsible sourcing of items and products which are reusable and made from the biodegradable or recyclable material.

The whole line of eco-friendly products can be seen on

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