Founder of Body Positive Personal Training, Women’s Empowerment Coach and Author, Christa Pepper, recognized by Influence Magazine as a 100 Authority

Christa Pepper has been recognized as an Influence Magazine 100 Authority for excellence as a Founder, Women’s Empowerment Coach and Author and is the focus of an Influence Editor’s Spotlight. The most recent Influence 100 Authority inductee is the author of the book “I’m 30, Now What?!” which became a best-seller this year. The Influence 100 Authority List is a curation of experts who have achieved a high level of success in their field.

Empowerment Coach, Founder and Author, Christa Pepper, was recently inducted into the Influence Magazine 100 Authority. She is the author of the best-selling book “I’m 30, Now What?!” about her journey from a postpartum, overweight new Mom to where she is now and the tools that helped her get there. The story behind Christa Pepper’s success will be shared through an Influence Magazine Editor’s Spotlight and an “Across the Desk with Elizabeth Plouffe” podcast interview this year.

The Influence Magazine 100 Authority Editor’s Spotlight on Christa Pepper was released this week and is a showcase of the story behind her success and her struggles.

In her Influence Magazine article,  Christa shares what the calling for her life is:

“To help empower women to be vulnerable, to get over the idea of perfectionism. Look, most of us don’t make rainbow colored spaghetti for our kids, we leave the house and forget to turn off our flat iron, we have garbage in the bottom of our purse, we have cellulite and stretchmarks, we curse, we say the wrong things, but at the end of the day, we are all pretty f***ing  amazing. Perfectly imperfect.“

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Christa Pepper was selected as an Influence 100 Authority because of her commitment to empowering women to be their very best and her willingness to share her knowledge. Her expertise makes her a worthy and important addition to the Influence 100 Authority List that already includes exceptional professionals including Danny Khursigara, Troy West, Makarand Utpat, Debbie Jungman, Kristina Brevard and Linjie Chou Zanadu.

About Christa Pepper

Christa Pepper, Founder, Women’s Empowerment Coach and Author

Favorite quote from book: When women learn to step aside from our perceived limitations, we in turn become limitless.

Christa Pepper is the Managing Director of her local  Polka Dot Powerhouse Networking Chapter. She is an Author,  Founder of Body Positive Personal Training and Women’s Empowerment Coach. She is the best-selling author of the book “I’m 30. Now What?!” The book focuses on Christa’s journey from a postpartum, overweight new Mom to where she is now and the tools that helped her get there.  Today, Christa Pepper resides in Author Reno, Nevada, USA.

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