Finally a NEW social Networking Platform to beat Facebook’s data crisis

A 16-year-old entrepreneur in Pennsylvania has founded a cutting edge social networking platform called Flackle that carries highest form of encryption ever seen to eliminate the usual data privacy woes causing sleepless nights to Facebook users.

April, 5, 2018 – With Facebook data scandal grabbing the headlines over the last few days, Facebook users are getting increasingly alarmed about their privacy in the most popular social media site. However, a teen visionary entrepreneur seems to have arrived as the messiah here. 16-year-old Zach Davis has recently launched a new exclusive social networking site named “Flackle” which is aimed to beat the recent data crisis bothering the Facebook users with highest form of encryption ever seen in websites.

“Though Facebook has been a revolution in modern social communication space yet Facebook users have been worried over their privacy issues for quite some time. The recent horrifying reports on Facebook data scandal have further brought the problem to light. Facebook users are scared and are naturally looking for a safer alternative. And, this is where our ‘Flackle’ comes to the rescue. Unlike many other existent social networking sites, we are immensely respectful to your privacy and data. Based on this high regard for our users, we have powered Flackle with the highest level of encryption possible to ensure their peace of mind in social media”, stated the teen entrepreneur and founder of Flackle.

Flackle was founded in August 2016 and released in the market in September 2016. The teen genius behind Flackle is not your average 16-year-old chap. While other boys of his age are struggling with job and studies, Davis has already founded not one but 13 companies, including Verond – a video streaming platform which is posing serious competition to YouTube.

Backed by the most state of the art encryption, Flackle is exclusively designed to protect users’ privacy end-to-end which further assures the most comprehensive protection. All the messages sent via Flackle will be deleted immediately the moment they are sent. The new revolutionary social media site does not involve any 3rd parties in its operation to ensure the best safeguard of user data, this includes developers.

“It’s a ‘social’ world today where you share almost everything about your life on social networks. From snippets about your family to love life to job to education to hobbies to travel – you post all your data on social media. We know you trust us with your information and thus Flackle is carefully engineered to guarantee best possible privacy for you-our valued users.”

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Flackle features a nifty user-friendly interface that the users will be able to relate to conveniently. The profile page opens up with a cover photo and just below that you have a menubar which provides an insight into the Likes, Groups, Followers of the user – and also the number of people s/he is following. A short bio of the user is perched on the right side of the profile page while the left part shows the posts of the user.

Flackle is designed to be a dynamic social networking site and goes through constant updates on a daily basis to ensure improved performance. 

“We promise you an extremely reliable social networking experience with Flackle. We command a grand uptime and we will be running even when the power is out. In fact, much to your convenience, we will notify you ahead of time about maintenances.” 

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