LA artist transcending home and office spaces from drab to fab with her exclusive mixed media fine art pieces

Irena Orlov Art store is extending a vast and versatile gallery of original paintings & huge canvas artsy prints for a dramatic makeover of home and office interior spaces. Created by highly talented LA-based artist Irena Orlov, these art pieces are an exclusive blend of diverse styles to match every taste.

Sherman Oaks, CA – April 5, 2018 – Those looking to render a special edge to their home or office interior need not search further. Irena Orlov Art is offering original paintings and huge canvas artsy prints that can transcend a room from drab to fab in just a moment. Created by widely acclaimed LA-based artist Irena Orlov, the paintings are unique statement pieces that will leave the audience awed and mesmerized for hours. 

What separates the art pieces at Irena Orlov Art store is their versatile aura. From bohemian themes to mid-century modern to shabby chic to rustic to even modern and contemporary – there is something for every one at Irena’s studio. Her canvas art prints are offered in different dimensions, including oversized canvases which measure up till 96” in size.

“My main goal is to present a unique artwork which will exceed your interior design expectations and evoke feelings in your audience. My store is bustling with a versatile gallery of artworks to match up with diverse décor themes and tastes. You are sure to find the perfect piece you are looking for to give meaning to your home or office”, stated Irena while speaking about her store and creations.

An illustrious architect and designer, Irena has been drawn to fine art since her childhood. It’s this profound love for fine art which inspired her into creation of series of exclusive paintings and canvas art prints that adorn her gallery today. Her art works carry a unique blend of antique as well as a crisp clean contemporary design which altogether result in a spectacular individual art style. Irena prefers to deem herself as a craftsman who is always constructing and interpreting imagery & messages from both her conscious & subconscious mind.

A unique aspect of the dynamic artist’s artworks is her flair with mixed media. In her own words: 

“When I am creating an artwork, I don’t exactly restrict myself to some particular medium or style. Thus, my art mostly speaks of mixed media.” 

As a spontaneous person, Irena is usually guided by her moods and emotions when it comes to her creativity. Thus, her works are beautifully infused with the energy and spirit that she has felt at the moment of creating those paintings and other artworks.  

“I take to art to express myself- precisely what I am feeling at the moment.  You can say my artwork is flexible and it’s open to different interpretations. My art tends to evoke various feelings in the audience, based on their specific individual memories and experiences. It’s to encourage viewers to interpret the artworks in their own individual ways so that they can resonate to it.”

Irena’s collections are available on Etsy as well as in other popular retail stores like Ikea, Walmart, Kohls, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Home Goods and many more. Moreover, her paintings have also been widely featured in catalogs, fundraising catalogs calendars, wall arts, bedding, home accessories and clothing.

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