Boca Raton’s Ocean Maid Service Offers Air Purification With Home Cleaning Service

Boca Raton maid service company ‘Ocean Maid Service’ has announced they will be offering ozone air purification through the use of an ozone generator along with their traditional home cleaning service. Now when you sign up for home cleaning services you can include air purification to really give your home the clean it needs. Ozone generators purify your homes air while your maid cleans room to room. A 1-2 hour home treatment can eliminate mold, viruses, and bacteria in your air effectively. Ozone air purification is well known to work well, it is the number one way to kill mold without the use of destructive techniques like removal and disposal of walls and ceiling materials.

Ocean Maid Service’s use of ozone air purifiers is safe and effective. The ozone generated is not good to breathe in, but after a couple hours the unstable ozone particles break up into breathable oxygen again. Ocean Maid Service asks that you vacate your home for several hours while the treatment is in effect to remain as safe as possible. You can get ozone air purification services added to the cost of cleaning your home when you ask any maid at Ocean Maid Service.

Daniela Costalonga of Ocean Maid Service says “ozone air purification is our best added service yet to give your home an extra level of clean, not only to your homes surfaces but also to your air. Ozone treatment can refresh your air and eliminate odors”. Daniela continued by saying “we strive to provide a level of service you would never dream of, to give you cleaning you could only get from us”.

Visit the Ocean Maid Service website to learn more about ozone air purification services. You can request a free quote for services when you visit the website and fill out the ‘Request A Quote’ form. Ocean Maid Service is a home cleaning service located in Boca Raton but serving all of Palm Beach and Broward counties.

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