Top Scottsdale Mortgage Broker Warns Of Rising Rates

A look at the the Scottsdale mortgage industry and a few factors that are contributing to the rising rates

The recently passed Tax Law resulted in anxiety in the housing industry because of the reduction of benefits enjoyed by homeowners. The biggest issue for most people interested in buying homes is the fact that interest rates are rising. A top Scottsdale mortgage broker has warned that financing a mortgage could be an expensive affair in the near future.

Speaking from his office, Mark Ventrone, a top Scottsdale mortgage broker and CEO of ABLEnding, Inc, has explained that more people are now concerned about interest rates than they were in the past two years. This is because the rising rates affect the total amount of money they pay to a Mortgage lender.

“We live in an era of new tax laws and this means we should be aware of the effects of the laws. According to the market graphs in relation to the changes in tax laws and the demand for houses, we can expect the rates to rise. The expectations of rising rates have already affected the mortgage rates in 2018. If you look at information on, on average, the 30-year fixed rate has already moved up to over 4.3%. This is a major increase considering that on New Year’s Day, the rate for the same period was 3.85%.” – Mark Ventrone, a top mortgage broker in Scottsdale.

Though a two-year high, the rates remain under the 6% mark that was the lowest before the housing crisis. There are people who are not paying attention to the rising rates. These are individuals who bought their homes in the 80s and 90s. During this period, interest rates were over 20% and remained in the double digits.

There are many people who have not yet seen interest rates that are over 5% and this might be an influencer when it comes to purchasing a home. The best thing, in such a confusing period, is to work with the best Scottsdale Mortgage Broker Services.

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