Biglobal, new cryptocurrency backed by Thusney Commerce Group launches their ICO

Biglobal is the newly launched cryptocurrency that is managed, regulated and distributed by Thusney Commerce Group. It has announced the launch of their official Pre-ICO sale that began on April 4th and it going to last until April 10th. The pre-ICO will offer the BI tokens (the official token of Biglobal) at a price of $1 each with 10% bonus. The main ICO, beginning on April 11th will be composed of 4 stages will end on May 7th, 2018. The BI tokens will be available at a price of $1 each throughout the ICO stages and the bonus will be 8%, 6%, 3% and 1% in the four stages of the main ICO, respectively.

BI token is backed by fiat currency and global economic performance. It provides fiat currencies a store of value whose exchange rates will always be greater and/or of equal value to the base currency denominator (USD). BI token also allows the user to do decentralized investing in public companies and get an access to Thusney’s artificial intelligence system.

By participating in the ICO, the investors can access private communication channels with other BI token holders, keep their capital, dividends and ROI in decentralized environment and exchange BI tokens for other crypto tokens. In addition, the users can also spend BI tokens in local markets using Debit Visa Card.

The Biglobal ICO token holders will have other benefits such as profit sharing which includes quarterly payout bonuses of 8% from Net Sales, annual dividend payments, early access to the full AI system and an early access to the full investing platform as well the ability to directly & anonymously communicate with system engineers. All BI token owners will be issued a complementary Debit Visa Card and the investors will also be able to trade BI coins in Cryptocurrency Exchange after project completion date.

BI token will be issued through the Ethereum ERC20 Smart Contract Standard, by which the early investors can utilize the benefits of the Ethereum ecosystem during the development of the Bi token platform. The Ethereum Smart Contract technology as reported, is able to handle more complex logical architecture than Bitcoin’s UTXO. It also provides a wider range of publicly available API’s that enables the BI token users to manage the BI token through a personal computer and/or a mobile application. The “BI Analyzing System” app is available for download on Apple and Google Play Store.

The BI token framework is complemented with Thusney’s proprietary Artificial intelligence system that generates over 60% ROI per annum.

More information about the platform and the ICO is available at

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