Dive into Keith Buff’s compelling story of hope and recovery.

NJ – 6th April, 2018 – When people have problems in their lives, they can seem smaller when they look at other people’s stories with bigger issues and find encouragement. Keith Buff’s “Determination” is one of those stories.

This encouraging book tells us about thirty-six-year-old Keith Buff, who was on top of the world the morning of July 18, 1999. A successful businessman with a wife and three young children, he thinks nothing can go wrong. At the conclusion of eighteen holes of golf, his world suddenly goes blank. A CAT scan later reveals a brain hemorrhage. Buff’s life is never the same. 

Unable to walk, talk, or even swallow, Buff persists in his fight for recovery for a possibly unknown result. Determination is his story of finding the strength during the long and remarkable journey toward healing. Each chapter alternates between the comfort and privilege he enjoyed growing up—surfing, sailing, skateboarding, skiing, golfing, travel, parties, football, and fun—and his life following the brain hemorrhage episode with his persistent efforts at rehabilitation. 

A compelling story of recovery that was done for years and is still being done today. At times sad and yet with great humor, Determination encourages others to appreciate life and work hard to succeed in life’s journey—no matter what the odds are.

This book is well written in well and structured in simple English. It is guaranteed to wow its readers and keep them on the edge of their seats.

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About the author

Keith Stephens Buff suffered from what is known as an AVM. He is a health enthusiast who goes to the gym every day, which has enabled him to learn to walk on his own again. As a result, he now has the time to do volunteer jobs such as teaching golf to over one hundred twenty-five children, motivational public speaking, be a mascot for the fire department and helping with golf outings.

He is now able to play golf again after years of not being able to. This has been very helpful with his recovery. Writing this story has helped Buff to remember an enjoyable childhood.

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