With New Hercules Tuff 6-Port Docking Station, Keep All Smart Devices Ready to Use

For those who use multiple smart devices and gadgets, keeping the batteries up and running at all times is an attention seeking job. The Hercules Tuff 6-port docking station makes this possible with no worries for all varieties of Apple devices and other brands to ensure users never face disappointing low battery indications, either during work, outdoors or while relaxing at home.

The Hercules Tuff six-port station allows charging all six devices simultaneously at a very fast speed. The device comes with six short cables and is ready to use on arrival. The charging station is universal and any cable with a USB port is compatible, as the cables are different in each variation.

The silver colored Hercules Tuff docking station keeps all devices securely fixed with an anti-slip rubber base design. Conventional charging devices deliver only 1 amps, whereas the Hercules Tuff charging station works at a stronger 2.4 amps power and a maximum of 10 amps. In case users require additional cables, the device can be bundled with an additional pack of 3 cables at a great discount.  

Heavy gadget users can keep the new docking station on at all times if required. This charging station is more accommodative than other docking stations, and the baffles on top can be removed for creating extra space. Charging is automatically stopped when the batteries are full. Surge and over-current protection is in-built to secure all devices kept on charge.

Since smart devices come in a wide range of weights and proportions, the Hercules Tuff docking station is designed to never tip over when large or heavy devices such as an iPad are kept for charging. The unit works mostly with Apple devices, but its universal compatibility allows for using other brands such as Samsung, Nexus, Sony, Google Pixel and HTC as well.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/C3JX5gffsOE

The Hercules Tuff Six Device Charging Station is available from Amazon with a coupon discount, and can be seen in action on YouTube.

For more information, please visit: http://amzn.to/2wiT1aX

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