Elm Pets Specializes in Ponds, Aquariums and Reptile Products in the Gillingham, Kent Region of the UK

Kent, UK – When looking for a vast range of supplies for reptiles and amphibians and every pet in between, look to Elm Pets.  Elm Pets stocks leading brand names on their convenient online site, including; Interpet, Hagen, Laguna, Fluval, Exo, Blangdon, and much more.  The staff are highly trained and efficient and are at the ready to answer any questions customers may have. 

The complete range of aquarium supplies, and aquariums are available to browse here: http://www.elmpets.co.uk/aquariums-aquarium-supplies-c-2.html. The quality is top notch and the company stock all supplies needed to build and maintain an aquarium for the home or office.  The extensive catalogue of these supplies ranges from marine to tropical to cold-water varieties of tanks and cabinets.  All of these supplies can be delivered directly to the client free of charge.

The selection of Fluval cabinets and aquariums are endless.  The stylish designs fit any home or office and are designed to create the tank of any client’s dreams.  Many fish are sensitive to the environment of the tank; this is especially true of tropical fish.  Fluval heaters and filters ensure that the fish are at the exact right temperature setting for the particular species. 

Fluval aquariums come equipped with LED lighting for both night and day settings, and an option for multi LED technology.  Curved cabinets as well as freestanding aquariums are available in a multitude of colors to match any client’s needs.  The supplies offered by Fluval are also designed to ensure the health of the fish.  To find out more information about Fluval aquariums look to http://www.elmpets.co.uk/aquariums-cabinets-fluval-aquariums-cabinets-c-2_13_16.html. Anything from replacement bulbs to tank decorations to protein skimmers can be found on the site.

With over thirty-five years’ experience in the business, Elm Pets offers some of the best variety in pet supplies in the UK.  The brand name products cover all pet needs from dogs and cats to fish and reptiles and everything in between.  The friendly staff can expedite all customer needs with a quick phone call.  All products are brought to the customers at everyday low prices and free shipping on most orders.  The convenience of delivery directly to the clients’ door for no charge is a huge plus for the many clients of Elm Pets.

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