Faxport is a platform of conducting business in sports, powered by the famous Blockchain technology. The platform employs the automatically decentralized and unchangeable technology of distributed ledger system that greatly enhances the levels of security and mutual reliance. The platform has also brought about a drastic reduction in all kinds of abuse in business and has firmly established a system of mutual trust in the global and rapidly progressing industry of sports. The platform of Faxport provides every participant with a unique user-friendly experience based on security and trust.

Faxport maintains archives of industrial data related to international sports but is certainly not restricted to just the information regarding the company. They also include industry-based information, supply chain information, information on sports venues and more related to sports commerce thereby constructing a highly detailed database driven by Blockchain technology.

The platform, Faxport, was founded as a project group venture in the year of 2016 to conduct developmental operations in sports commerce. The company Faxport Holding Limited received worldwide recognition by getting registered globally in Seychelles with all its commercial operations in sports business. This has promoted global interactions as participants in international commerce of sports, consumers and providers of service can now communicate with one another directly through the decentralized network driven by Blockchain Technology within the global market of sports business.

The platform of Faxport has greatly improved digitization and formulation of the market of sports business through Blockchain technology. Faxport is seeking to get more firmly established as a sports business ecosystem based on trust and convenience and free of any commission amount.

Faxport makes efficient utilization of the Blockchain technology that ensures securely encrypted, unchangeable and decentralized concentration upon core commercial databases of sports, profitable networking and recruitment of talent. Recruiters at Faxport reach out to job seekers more efficiently with the assistance of the platform by allocating small rewards to speed up and augment the spreading of recruitment information. The platform works on the issues and developmental obstacles that hinder the progress of the international business of sports and seeks to raise the levels of retention of users through its unique strategies of resolving disputes and inducing positivity and encouragement.

It is the chief aim of the white paper of this platform, Faxport, to describe the platform’s environment of utilization, the operation of every sub-system and to demarcate the usage of the Tokens launched by Faxport throughout the network of Blockchain. The platform aims to do away with fraudulent transfers and transactions with the help of the three pillars of Blockchain technology i.e. efficiency, transparency and security by encryption. The transparent and reliable platform of sports ecosystem intends to undertake secure and transparent business at low costs in relatively short time over international boundaries.

Added to this the number of active users of Faxport are on a consistent rise which will have considerable dramatic impact on the Blockchain network thus creating a transparent market in global sports business and service.

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