Bodeaz makes history with the Most Powerful Engaging Email Marketing Campaign in e-Commerce History

Leading online fitness store, Bodeaz, freaks out Users with shocking prank to record one of the most powerful engaging email and marketing campaign in e-Commerce history

Bodeaz Fitness is an online fitness store that provides quality yet affordable home exercise equipment and gear to users to help them improve their wellness, fitness, and overall health. While Bodeaz Fitness has made its name for itself in the industry as the go-to place for premium quality fitness products, the store recently achieved a milestone on the 1st of April, 2018, when it shocked its users by sending a prank email to them.

April Fool’s Day is annual celebration in Western and European countries, which is commemorated on April 1 by playing practical jokes and spreading hoaxes, with the jokes and their victims called April fools. The celebration was taken to a whole new level by Bodeaz Fitness when the online store literally freaked out its users for couple seconds with a couple of emails that turned out to be one of the most powerful email marketing campaigns ever, with a massssssive impact in terms of figures and reactions recorded.

The first of the shocking promo emails that sent customers wild was sent early in the morning to all their users to confirm an order of $484.84, and subsequently thanking them for the purchase. The email content was a fake order receipt, with a call to action redirecting them to an ‘April’s Fool’ landing page where the company apologized and gave a 15% OFF coupon code as compensation for their troubles.

Just to make sure everybody understood the joke and wasn’t freaked out. Bodeaz surprised its users with (Don’t freak out, you’ve been fooled) email which was sent 3 hours after the first one. This time, the mail directly announced that users had been trapped, reassuring them that the first email was a fake.

The genius behind the campaign definitely did not expect what was to come after the prank. The store had a dramatic increase in its revenue thanks to the promo, with open rate going to around 300% more than usual, and Click Rate inside the content exceeding 700% more than usual. The campaign also helped the store to generate about 30,000 visitors in 2 days, creating an enormous buzz.

The impact of the campaign is probably unending as figures continue to increase with each passing day.

More information about Bodeaz Fitness as well as products and offers from the store can be found on the website as well as Facebook and Instagram.

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