Four New Books from Harry Gael Michaels Stirring the Best of Reviews

This renowned author has come up with four new books titled: ‘How Goes it With America’, ‘ ‘Wings over Normandy,’ ‘The State of the Republic,’ and ‘Reflections on Institutional Catholic-ism: A Critical Perspective’—and all of them deal with current issues at hand.

Danville, CA – April 9, 2018 – Harry Gael Michaels has worked two careers, namely as a juvenile probation officer and as a school psychologist. This gave him the impetus to start writing some of the best books which concentrate on the central theme of American values. He believes that America as a nation must focus more attention toward its essential purposes and its children’s future.

The author was quoted as saying “It is my deep conviction that the health and viability of our society is a direct reflection of the health and viability of our educational systems and the integrity of our families and community support. I think there is indisputable evidence of this from studies of developmental psychology and community sociology.”

All his books have an underlying theme of essential American values and it is likely that the readers will be engaged as there is so much that one needs to absorb and feel.

The book, ‘How Goes it With America’ emphasizes the need for professional excellence in education to meet the challenges of an increasingly complex and competitive world. There is too much neglect which leads to despair and violence and escapism into drugs. We must remember that the youth of today are the future of tomorrow.

‘The State of the Republic’ is another book that gives a basic overview of the political/ social/ [economic events and ineffectual criminal justice system since WWII that has led to the quagmire of disorder witnessed daily among our political leaders along with a profusion of drug abuse and violence that has led to a digression of American values and a diminution of U.S. moral leadership in the world.

‘Wings Over Normandy’ is a story of one young man of Irish immigrant parents growing up in San Francisco and entering the Army shortly after the bombing of Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941 following a tragedy in his family. His experiences take him through pilot training and entry into combat leading up to the Normandy Invasion of June 6, 1944. During recuperation following a crash he finds renewal of life in the loving arms of an Irish family and their daughter.

‘Reflections on Institutional Catholic-ism: A Critical Perspective’ is about Catholic authoritarian dogma and mandatory instruction that, as children, has inculcated attitudes of intimidation from questioning the “sacred dogma” for fear of jeopardizing their “immortal soul”. The power and authority of priests and higher clergy leave many children with such awestruck reverence to the extent that anything uttered or performed by a priest would never dare to be challenged—even by parents. Such unquestioned obedience from fear of damnation can hinder the developmental tasks of childhood from the establishment of basic trust to adolescent identity and beyond.

Those who would like to know more about the author or ones looking to purchase the books should visit the Amazon store and the author’s homepage.

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