Shenzhen SMTfly Electronic Equipment Mfg Introduces PCB Laser Depaneling Machine That Ensure High Accuracy & Uniformity Without Any Distortion

Equipped with the advanced laser technology, the PCB Laser Depaneling Machine introduced by Shenzhen SMTfly Electronic Equipment Mfg delivers high quality output in a flawless and time-saving manner.

The laser guided depaneling is the new trend that industries are adopting very fast. With the help of the laser, the task of depaneling becomes more accurate, fast and efficient. China based Shenzhen SMTfly Electronic Equipment Mfg has now introduced a unique range of Laser Depaneling Machines for the electronics manufacturing industry.

The company’s PCB Laser Depaneling Machine is easy to use and offers quick results. According to the spokesperson of the company, this laser guided depaneling machine shortens the delivery time and ensures the best quality output. The machine maintains a smooth, clean and uniform surface without any kind of distortion. Powered by all solid state UV laser, the machine is capable of providing high speed and high accuracy depaneling in the industry. It is capable of emitting laser of different powers with a significant wavelength for high precision works.

 Shenzhen SMTfly Electronic Equipment Mfg Introduces PCB Laser Depaneling Machine That Ensure High Accuracy & Uniformity Without Any Distortion

The spokesperson reveals that they have launched improved machines for the PCB Laser Depaneling that ensures a stress-free cutting of circuit boards. The machines are capable of handling highly complicated cutting of printed circuit boards in an efficient manner. Available in different variants, these machines are suitable for cutting of assembled boards, flexible PCBs as well as covered layers. According to the spokesperson, these laser guided machines offer several astounding advantages as compared with traditional PCB cutting tools. With their software-controlled working mechanism, these laser cutting machines offer accurate and precise cutting of boards.

The company specializes in the Laser PCB Depanelizer that has the specialty of offering non-contact cutting that eliminates stress and avoids distortion. The process also reduces micro-cracks that add to the longevity of the PCBs. Working on the laser guided path, the machine has a greater flexibility of cutting unusual shapes and contours. The spokesperson reveals that the machine allows a faster setup and quickens the task of cutting and depaneling of printed circuit boards in different industries.

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