The Sixth Day Dance Company Celebrates People in All Forms through Its (Ab)Normality Project

While most dance groups seek to produce “perfect” movements through choreography and execution, the Sixth Day Dance Company believes that people of all forms and abilities can perform the art of dance.  The Seattle dance group invites people with a variety of disabilities to participate and share their enjoyment of dance through a unique show designated the (ab)Normality Project. Paired with veteran choreographers, dancers and musical artists, differently abled people are able to express themselves through the movement of their bodies. The (ab)Normality Project will be performed in the City of Everett on November 23rd, 2014.

The Sixth Day Dance Company is a unique organization that helps the physically and mentally disabled to experience the joy of dance.  Through their efforts the lives of disabled persons, their families and audience members have been significantly impacted. Most importantly, the general public has learned through these shows that embrace themes of brokenness, healing and redemption that dance can be beautiful no matter who performs it.

For years the Sixth Day Dance Company has partnered with other non-profit arts organizations to sponsor dance performances, classes and workshops, but the company is now reaching out to the public to raise funds for the (ab)Normality Project. The group has already secured a grant from the City of Everett, but the Sixth Day Dance Company would like to raise an additional $2.600 to fund additional outreach classes and future performances through its Kickstarter fundraising campaign. These funds will go towards renting rehearsal and venue space, paying dancers, creating costumes, video recording, and marketing.  If funds beyond the original goal are raised, they will go towards more classes, workshops for underprivileged youths, and funding year-round performances. 

In return for your generous support, you may receive perks like show tickets, drinking glasses, admission to workshops, or private dance lessons.

To learn more about the (ab)Normality Project or to make a financial contribution, please visit:

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