Amir Allahverdi: A Passion for Sports, an Eye to Helping Others

Tech Investor and Athlete Producer Amir Allahverdi recently joined us in our studio. He is the 34-year-old CEO of Platinum Investment Group based in Los Angeles and a sports enthusiast who loves sponsoring emerging new sportspersons all over the globe. Amir has gained immense popularity and attention since the last year. Thanks to his motivational workout videos, he now enjoys a fan following of over 400k on Instagram.

You are an owner of successful IT Investment Company.  These days we see you a lot involved in sports activities and present around professional athletes. Is it your new hobby?

I love sports. In fact, it was my passion right from my childhood days. I played sports and was a big fan of boxing events.  I dreamt of becoming a World Champion one day. However, due to family pressure, I could not pursue a career in sports. After achieving success in my investment firm, I am actually realizing my childhood dream by being actively involved in sporting events and being next to professional athletes. I have a long-term goal to promote sports and a healthy lifestyle. I want to present myself as a role model to the younger generation and motivate them to quit smoking and consuming alcohol.

That is interesting. The young people are building blocks of any nation and encouraging them to follow a healthy lifestyle is beneficial in the longer run. According to you, what role do sports play in one’s life?

I personally believe sports play a critical role in overall development of one’s personality. Apart from making physically stronger, it also imparts mental stability and develops respect, confidence and self-esteem. It is one of the distinctive ways to help young people be themselves. Feeding off the accomplishments achieved, sports help to set new personal bests and survive the setbacks of injuries. I am going to cite an example of my friend, who struggled to handle her teenage son. I advised her to make him join some sporting activity and she took him to a karate school nearby her house. After a few months, he was a completely different human being; someone with more potential, broader outlook and bigger responsibilities.

I am in complete agreement with you, Amir. But to start with and remain motivated is a challenge. How do you stay motivated?

Sport is a big motivator in itself. When you work out for a few months, you start witnessing the positive results. Sure, you may feel dead for an early morning workout, but reminding yourself how fresh you feel afterward, is the trick. During a workout, if you feel like quitting, remember that each set brings you an inch closer to your ultimate goal and the mild discomfort is merely a sign that your body is getting stronger.  As evident from my Instagram videos as well, I am getting stronger and able to do more complex workouts easily. Staying in the company of professional athletes prompts me to work even harder and stay self-motivated.

It is always hard to start. What obstacles did you face and how you tackled them?

Yes, it was very much true in my case as well. I could not even perform a single pull up. The key is to start small and take up one challenge at a time. If you haven’t lifted a weight ever, no need to worry. Start small and gradually increase with your workout.  The sense of accomplishment and validation of effort will motivate you and make you work even harder.  Establishing clear goals and working towards them gradually will encourage you to strive for higher targets. If possible have a training partner, someone with similar goals and ability. It’s always good to have someone on your side pushing you.

You have a very successful Instagram page as well, full of motivational workout videos. How do you keep motivating your followers?

There is nothing much that I do. I simply record my life and, training and share my experiences with my fans. I would take this opportunity to thank each and every follower for being a part of my vision. Without them, I could not have continued to promote a healthy lifestyle. It is because of their support, my videos are being viewed by millions of people out there. Together we can do more things and change this world.

Amazing. That’s truly inspirational. You do receive a lot of positive comments and feedback, but at the same time, there are haters to make your skin crawl. How do you handle criticism?

It is a delight to have a fan following who appreciate my work with their positive comments. Each person has their own opinion and I try to implement their suggestions and move forward.  However, no matter what you do there will always be some haters who cannot mind their own business and point out others’ shortcomings. My advice to them would be to stop criticising, come forward and show how it’s done. Criticising someone is easy and doing on your own makes you a man!!

A wonderful advice to ignore the haters. Often times, big decisions can wreak havoc on our emotions. How do you tackle difficult situations?

Decision making is never easy. Emotions cloud your mind and hinder you from making a firm decision. I ensure short-term emotions don’t come in my way. Difficulties actually make you stronger and better. When I’m in a difficult situation, I analyze the situation well and choose the best possible way. I back up my decision with critical reasoning and thinking.

It was a pleasure interviewing you Amir. Before signing off, what is your message for the readers of this interview?

It is high time now that we realize the importance of leading healthy lives. Sports not only help you make physically fit, it is critical to building overall personality. I urge all the readers of this interview to lead a healthy lifestyle and quit drinking, smoking, and drugs.

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