Upcoming “Assist U2 Win” Brings Together Innovators and Motivators

Accomplished motivator and coach Derrick Butts helps his clients reach their potential and accomplish their goals
Sought after coach and motivator, Derrick Butts invites area residents to his “Assist U2 Win” series. The coaching and networking event series kicks off April 22nd with The Growth Experience.

By Zoey Thompson

Mansfield, TX – Professional coaching has come a long way in the last decade. The general public no longer perceives coaches as niche professionals utilized by Fortune 500 executives, but a necessary piece to the success puzzle. There have been empirical studies about its effectiveness and the role of leadership in motivating people to become more productive and creative, as well as, countless testimonials from people who have been enriched by the experience of having a coach or mentor. John Maxwell Certified Coach Derrick Butts has been providing professional and personal coaching to entrepreneurs, managers, executives, writers, and visionaries and wants to extend an invitation to people searching for guidance and motivation to be a part of his Assist U2 Winseries.  His four-part series is designed to help people grow past their current limits, develop practices that encourage positive change, and maintain focus and intensity through life’s various challenges.

“Professional coaching isn’t about fixing what is broken,” explains Butts. “It is all about developing the potential of individuals who are already reaching for a goal. I’m working with people who want to raise their own bar but need help with structure, motivation, and focus. Most of the time I’m working with individuals to deliver one-on-one coaching, but I also recognize the need for people to come together with others who are on the same path. It helps us to recharge our batteries and the networking opportunities don’t hurt either.”

Butts spent years as a high-performing sales manager before transitioning into coaching. He knows on a personal level the type of energy and commitment is necessary to achieve the types of numbers his current clients are looking for in their own sphere of business. Having gone through the John Maxwell program, he was inspired to take those lessons learned and use them to inspire and transform the lives of those around him. He uses a combination of workshops, seminars, and individual counseling to help people find their motivation and focus so that they can perform at the high level they hoped to reach. 

The Assist U2 Winseries is an experiential series of networking and coaching events designed to focus on common challenges in a group format. “The energy at these events is much more dynamic than a one-on-one coaching session,” he explains. “It is incredibly helpful to hold events like these where we bring together a group of people with the same goals. Initially, it reboots our enthusiasm but it also allows us to create a network of people around us all on the same journey. It helps to have people you can call when you need that extra push.”

As a respected personal coach, Butts is used to taking phone calls from people who need motivation but explains that it is also important that his clients have other people around them that can help to provide that extra lift every now and then. “We’re creating a community of hard chargers,” he says.

Those who are interested in attending an experience or are exploring coaching options are encouraged to visit his website.

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