Bespoke Security Solutions Company, Centurion Guards Ltd, Takes Advantage of the Latest Security Techniques and Technology

Hoxton, UK – For any large event, meeting, or important visitor, safety can and should be a major concern for any company that wants a stress-free event or visit. Finding a properly qualified, well-trained company with the means to meet a wide variety of possible client needs is incredibly difficult.

But for those in London, Centurion Guards Ltd boasts of having the bets bodyguards London has to offer. With an astoundingly expansive range of services and an increasing level of quality protection, this company has taken the industry by storm and shows no sign of faltering.

Among security companies, finding impressive variety alongside high quality is something many companies strive for, but rarely achieve. But Centurion Guards Ltd is able to offer myriad services and expertise, including that of: a security guard for retail stores, schools, or reception areas;mobile patrols who can be counted on to peruse the premises of the event a few times each day to ensure safety and peace;guard dogs, which are able to sense intruders or unwanted personas much faster than an officer would; close protection (body guards), who are typically trained in unarmed combat and CPR/first aid;even emergency security guards who are available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week for any kind of call about an emergency that requires assistance or intervention. Centurion Guards Ltd prides itself on being reliable for immediate action.

The task of finding close protection, London is one fraught with difficulties. Qualifications, client satisfaction, variety of skills and event types covered, experience, and cost-effectiveness are all under the umbrella of necessary conditions to consider when attempting to hire a company to provide bodyguards in London. With the ever-changing industry of protection, Centurion Guards Ltd has been consistently known for their rapid improvements and their efforts to remain up to date with the latest and best in security and safety procedures and tools.

With three unique levels of bodyguard cover, which are described on their website at, clients are able to select from Silver, Gold, or Platinum, depending on the type of security they require.

For calmer events where a bodyguard or security guard is simply needed to keep the peace, clients are able to save money by hiring a bodyguard at the Silver level. Their services, described here, cover a wide and constantly expanding array of different events or visits.

Centurion Guards Ltd’s devotion to client satisfaction and safety has been a testament to the quality of security and service that they provide. It is no wonder they are gaining a top reputation.

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