New therapeutic massager helps users get rid of muscle tension and promotes good health

The product is cordless, easy to use, affordable, and 100% waterproof

Israel – Vinax would like to introduce a new revolutionary product, the cordless therapeutic wand massager. The product is the perfect item for people who want to have a regular massage without having to visit expensive massage salons or needing assistance from another person. The wand has eight speeds and 20 vibration pulses and can be used to massage the entire body – from head to toe. The product is perfect for dealing with aching muscles and for sports and stress recovery. Users will enjoy features like waterproof, wireless, safe silicone construction, warm touch, and safe flexible construction.

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“Getting a massage these days can be tough, expensive, and time-consuming. What if you can have a smooth, enjoyable, and highly efficient massage at the comfort of your home or office, using a simple device? Our cordless therapeutic wand massage is manufactured to deliver excellent results, providing you relief from aches, pains, muscle problems, and stress, of any kind,” said Alon Suchilin, a representative of Vinax.

Vinax’s wireless therapeutic wand massage has so many benefits, especially for people who have constant pain and aches in any part of their body. It helps for better sleep, calming the mind, and pleasurable sensation. With this device, there is no need worrying about meeting up with the massage therapists’ appointment. There is also no need to pay for massage subscriptions that will never get used. The wand is also economical, helping users safe plenty of money.

Some of the features of this device include the cordless operation, which means there is no dealing with wires of any kind, which can be very uncomfortable. The product is made from safe silicone, that doesn’t irritate the skin or cause any unpleasant reactions. Users can set up to 20 vibration pulses, and 8 speeds, to accommodate their comfortability and desire. It is warm to the touch, 100% waterproof, easy to use, quiet operation and can be enjoyed either alone or with a partner. The package also comes with a free eBook with lots of information and education. Two hours of recharge gives 4 to 5 hours of uninterrupted pleasure.

“This wand is amazing and magical. I sit down a lot in the office, and this leads to pain in my back and shoulder. Once I pick up the wand and massage, the relief comes, making me feel good all day. It now works as a regular companion, always in my bag and everywhere I go,” said Emily R, a customer.

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