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“Love your shoes again!”
STICKY HEELZ is a new and innovative foot care accessory brand designed to improve the fit and comfort of shoes. Our unique heel grips, work by securing the foot to the heel of the shoe and our teardrop arch pads reduce discomfort at the ball of the foot by deflecting pressure in this area.

STICKY HEELZ new and innovative footcare accessory products are now offered Nationwide Through Mr. Checkout’s Direct Store Delivery Distributors

STICKY HEELZ® is a new and innovative foot care accessory brand that’s making women fall in love with their shoes again. Sticky Heelz Anti-Slip Heel Grips, make shoes fit perfectly using a dual heel and shoe pad that connect to secure the foot to the back of the shoe. Our Sticky Heelz Teardrop Arch Pads reduce pressure at the ball of the foot reducing discomfort when walking, standing or dancing for periods of time. 

The problem Sticky Heelz solves is real, invented by self-confessed shoe lover, Laura Birrell, she commented “whenever I left the house I would go through the process of thinking what shoes go with my outfit; how far will I have to walk; when will the pain kick in; what will I need to take – spare shoes or plasters? Then what handbag will I need to accommodate that,” and many shoe lovers will confirm it, as Sticky Heels research shows. Surveying 100 wearers Laura discovered only 18% were happy about the fit of their shoes, indicating a massive 72% were not. The truth is, says Laura, “60% of us have unequal feet, and 33% have narrow feet, and manufacturers only offer half sizes in limited brands.” 

Sticky Heelz takes the pain out of wearing shoes ladies love,literally, because they also reduce blistering. The dual, instantly applied padding system fits the heel and the shoe creating a snug fit that’s comfy all night or day. 

“The day I decided I wouldn’t wait for someone to come up with a solution for my shoe problems was a game changer,” says Laura, from Scotland in the United Kingdom. “We have secured listings with major retailers in the UK, including Boots and Superdrug (AS Watson), however my ambition has been to secure distribution in the USA, my favorite place to shop for shoes!” “We recently completed filming a television commercial with As Seen On TV that we will utilise to raise awareness of the product brand”.

For further details please contact laura@stickyheelz.com for further information.

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