Newly Edited Book THE TANTRA CONNECTION – Healing Through Cosmic Interface Now Available On Amazon And From Barnes & Noble

The book has been written by Monika Müller and is available on Amazon and with Barnes & Noble. It is one of the most important self-help books of 2018.

München, Germany – April 11, 2018 – In our modern world, life is more uncertain than ever. According to the WHO, far more than 300 million people suffer globally from depression, the leading cause of disability. Statistics say that in the USA every 36 seconds a couple gets divorced. Women open up in public to expose the abuse they suffered from someone in the public eye. Adults all over the world frequent therapists to free themselves from the damage caused by sexual abuse suffered by them in childhood.

This important time in a changing worldwide society brings along with it an enormous opportunity: The chance to overcome negativity in our lives and learn to feel the most positive and healthy feeling in life: love. That is what this book, which may serve the reader like a “counselling companion”, teaches people. This book is called “THE TANTRA CONNECTION – Healing Through Cosmic Interface”; its author is Monika Müller.

There is a good reason why Tantra has become very popular in recent years: it is helping people to develop more self-love and greater self-esteem to finally give them the chance to find their authenticity. It stimulates in people their own deep healing power, previously unknown to them. Monika Müller explains in her book the use of ancient techniques, combining them with knowledge about the healthy flow of energy in the human body. Since not everyone has a teacher of Tantric healing in their local area and can afford the services of such a teacher, this book is a hugely important tool for self-help in our time and age.

Monika Müller explained more about her book:

“My book THE TANTRA CONNECTION – Healing Through Cosmic Interface, comes from my experiences in the field of Tantra and Shamanism. It helps people understand how love is a potent force for healing us and our planet further than simply ‘making love’. Love comes from the heart and has millions of ways to get expressed – knowing how to perceive the flow of energy in your own body makes it possible to intertwine it with the energy of your lover.”

Tantra can profoundly help those in search of meaning, to finally achieve satisfaction in and about their life, and actually become a better person. Further than this, it can help reduce the number of failed relationships. Thanks to Monika Müller and the years of experience she shares in her book, the teaching of these techniques is available to individuals and couples whenever and wherever needed.

For those who truly want to learn how to express their love and live their life in a positive way into the future: see details about the book and why it is gaining huge exposure. 

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Author Monika Müller

Monika Müller was born in 1952 in Germany. At 26 years old, she was left to herself to heal her mortal sickness, when the University Hospital doctors of Munich couldn’t come up with a cure. The awareness she gained of her own healing capacities and her freed love-potential set her on an unusual life-path, from which she never wants to recover!

In the fall of 1984, she started her healing practice in the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico focusing on the Bio-Cosmo-Energy techniques, which she has developed over her years of study in the fields of Tantra and Shamanism. Her understanding has deepened both through her work and through her life experiences with people of many different cultural backgrounds and healing traditions. During this period Monika spent a year in solitude in the jungle. Since 1990 she travels throughout the world practicing and teaching her healing technique “Bio-Cosmo-Energy”, Tantra and Shamanism.

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