Exness just got $375.9bln trading volume last March

Exness is a retail forex broker leader. And they got the highest trading volume growth last 2 years. In March 2017, Exness’ trading volume grew 40% and hit $313bln. One year later, March 2018, they reach new milestone: $375.9bln. This is the highest trading volume ever. These reports were audited by Deloitte, so you can trust those numbers. Also in this report, Exness announced that: there are 46,500 active clients. Average trading volume per clients is $8 millions monthly. This average trading volume is much higher than other retail forex brokers. Because most of Exness clients are professional traders. Exness changed their strategy since 2016 to focus on professional traders who need better trading conditions but bonuses. Exness seldom gives away welcome bonus because they know that only non-experience traders like welcome bonus. Instead of offering welcome bonus, Exness has invested a lot of money to improve trading conditions such as: lower spread, faster execution speed, lower margin requirements, lower stop out, reducing slippage,…

I just do a quick comparison among Exness and other retail forex brokers. And found that Exness’ trading conditions are much better:

Their execution speed is nearly 10 times faster than other retail brokers. The higher execution speed, the low slippage. Exness ECN account is the best now. In 2014, Exness only get ECN quotes from 2 liquidity providers. And in 2018, they get quotes from 4 different liquidity providers. So, there are less no-quote and slippages. Besides, spread is also much lower because they can get better quotes from the best liquidity providers. Moreover, Exness only charge $2,5 commission per lot for ECN account. This is the lowest ECN trading commision in the market. Because other ECN brokers often charge from 5 – 20$ each lot.

For leverage, Exness offers unlimited leverage. It’s very good because you will pay $0 margin for all positions. It means you will have more free margin to keep your orders from stop out.

For payment system, Exness is the first broker offers instant withdrawal. You can get your fund within seconds. And most of withdrawal orders will be executed automatically. And you also can deposit and withdraw by local banks in most of targeting countries such as: China, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Bangladesh,… Depositing and withdrawal by local bank will save you a lot of fee which is around 2 – 4%. Now, clients will pay zero dollar for depositing and withdrawal.

This strategy help Exness get more and more professional traders. You can check their report in 2014 and 2018. Their trading volume increased 94% while their active clients just increase 53%. So, if you are professional traders and you care about trading conditions, Exness is the best forex broker for you.

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