SST Announces The Establishment Of A New Solar Water Tank Manufacturing Plant

Do you know how and when the solar water tanks were invented and how did it develop to the modern form over the time? If you don’t, no need of worry, we’ll give a short sketch of the history so you can understand that how comfortable and convenient life we are living due to the continuous and unending struggle and hard work of our forefathers.

Solar water tank, according to history was first used in the USA in 1896, though in a simple form, it was the start of the journey. With the passage of time, its design became more elaborate and usage expanded across the world. Hot water tank manufacturers started manufacturing hot water cylinders and the storage of hot water usage become more convenient. Japan started venturing into this business in late 1980’s and Israel was the first country to use the solar water tanks widely at the national level. By 1967 about 20 % of Israel’s population used solar water tanks and during the energy crisis of 1970’s and by 1980’s new homes were required to install the solar water heating system. This lead Israel to the leading solar water user nations in the world and the country saved about 2 million barrels of oil a year. 

SST Announces The Establishment Of A New Solar Water Tank Manufacturing Plant

Solar water tanks are an invention to save the energy cost and save our planet from global warming and related issues. It can be used anywhere on the earth and its fuel, sunshine, is totally free. It not only saves the energy bills, but it also saves our mother planet from excessive production of carbon dioxide which is mandatory to emit whenever we heat the water by using any kind of fuel for heating.

Presently global solar thermal market’s share is dominated by China and Chinese hot water tank manufacturers supply solar water tank and hot water cylinders across the world. While talking with the representative of SST we came to know that SST is going to build a new solar water tank manufacturing plant in the coming months. The representative said, the global solar thermal market has a great potential for growth and Chinese companies are setting trend in providing technologically advanced and cost-effective solar heating products. There is a great demand for the Chinese products and SST, therefore is expanding its outreach to new destinations and to meet the demand of the customers the company is going to build a new manufacturing plant. The manufacturing plant will not only be just for manufacturing, it will be a place where new research regarding the solar water tank and hot water cylinders will be carried out and new ideas, regarding the design, upkeep and operation will be carried out to make the services of the company efficient and reliable.

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Being hot water tank manufacturers it is an honor that SST is having a continuous growth and customers are highly satisfied with the quality of solar water tank, hot water cylinders and other services offered by SST, he added.

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