Los Angeles Based 1000Attorneys.com Launches Extensive Public Awareness Campaign

This Supreme Court Approved and California Bar Certified Lawyer Referral Service is the fastest growing service of its kind in the state.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, October 18, 2014, The majority of people faced with a legal calamity are not equipped to properly screen attorneys. This is especially true under times of great stress. What options are available to the general public to aid them in choosing competent counsel? The key word here is “competent”, because having a law degree does not in and of itself bestow competence on the holder. Many people turn to their local phone books, which is not the right turn to take.

Other options include responding to a TV commercial, or using a lawyer referral service like 1000Attorneys.com. The problem with TV Lawyer’s Ads is that they have no credibility, as they are self-serving. This leaves the referral services, which can be either good or bad. Not all attorney referral services are the same. Indeed, there is a big difference. As an example, a lawyer referral service owned by an individual law firm or a group of attorneys is going to be self-serving, and not a credible objective source.

1000Attorneys.com reports that they will only work with a select group of law firms who have a proven track record. Each attorney is subject to a rigorous background check, and they are continuously monitored for credentials, ethics, continuing education, performance and fees. Some of the largest legal settlements in California over the last 5 years were obtained by their attorneys. Clients who can afford an attorney have peace of mind in knowing that they have chosen reputable counsel. Those who cannot afford counsel will be directed to legal aid groups.

During a recent press conference, JC Serrano, Founder and Managing Director of 1000Attorneys.com, had this to say: “Our Mission is to strive to provide a service to the public that allows them to find legal assistance regardless of their current legal or financial situation. We are dedicated to the needs of businesses and everyday citizens seeking counsel from attorneys with a proven track record and dedication to perform to the best of their abilities.”

It is a simple matter for a California Resident to start the process of choosing competent counsel. All they have to do is place a call to 1000Attorneys.com, and the highly qualified call center staff, available 24-hours/7 days a week, will analyze their requirements, and make the correct referral. There is no cost to the caller, and the legal consultation is also Free. Every major legal discipline is represented, including: Bankruptcy, Business law, Civil Litigation, Criminal Defense, Family Law, Labor Law, Estate Planning, Immigration, Real Estate, Personal Injury, Workman’s Compensation, and all is available in Spanish.

For complete information, please visit: 1000Attorneys.com

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