Bodeaz April Fool’s Prank Generates Huge Response, Surprises Customers with Easter Discount

April 12th, 2018 – One of the most successful April Fool’s e-mail campaigns has just concluded. Bodeaz cracked an April Fool’s joke on its customers and saw great traction and interest generated. Just within two days, the website saw 30,000 new visitors, with the e-mail open rate at 300% higher than usual, and click rate increasing by 700%.

The April Fool prank that Bodeaz unleashed on its clients was done in two stages. On April 1, customers received a prank email that displayed a new invoice in the name of the customer, with announcements such as ”Order Confirmation: $484.84, Thanks for your purchase!” The fake order receipt took the customers to an April Fool’s landing page, which revealed the prank and offered the customer a 15% discount coupon code along with an apology.

After trapping unwitting customers with the first email, Bodeaz made sure to send another message to confirm that the first email was indeed a prank. The official blog followed soon, apologizing for the joke, and offered an exclusive 15% Easter discount coupon.

The prank invoice and the discount offer can be viewed here:

Until next year, we can all wait for the next crazy prank from Bodeaz; after all it will be a win-win prank. is an online shop that believes a healthy lifestyle, good looks and fitness activities should be accessible to everyone. The store aims to become the No. 1 e-commerce store for fitness gear selected and featured for top quality features and performance as well as a reasonable price. Bodeaz is also a community of fitness enthusiasts, and offers wholesale and affiliate opportunities.

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