Create the life you love through performance coaching”

Women are beautiful, deep, and complex creatures. Their potentiality is infinite. There are so many mysteries to unlock, so much power to unleash. Unfortunately, a book or a step-by-step program alone do not have the magnitude necessary to open the portal of a woman’s essence and allow her to be fully complete, aligned and self-expressed. 

There is so much complexity in the lock holding her hostage. It only makes sense that the passcode, the key, to that lock is equally intricate. 

ALPHA FEMME is built on a Trifecta Coaching foundation. Three equally important parts of a woman make up her design. One cannot exist without the others… ALPHA FEMME IS the passcode! 

Melanie Ann Layer, the founder of ALPHA FEMME and the creator of Trifecta Coaching, has helped thousands of women self-actualize through her programs, courses, retreats and private coaching. An ALPHA FEMME is a woman who is always at the leading edge of her mindset, her business, and her relationships. She understands that in order to lead another she must first learn to lead herself. She has no limits. The world has changed, it has seemingly gotten smaller. More and more individuals are leading lives of freedom, working from wherever they want in the world, meeting their soulmates in the most unexpected places, creating realities they would not have dared to dream only short years ago. 

An ALPHA FEMME is global; she understands there are no boundaries to her potential, her value, or her abilities. 

The ALPHA FEMME coaching program is designed for the woman who knows deep within herself that she is made for more, that she can truly have it all! Ever since she can remember there has been a whisper in her soul telling her the time would soon come. The whisper has become a scream and the time has arrived! 

So many women blame the lack of results in one area of their life on the overachievement in other areas. This balance is restored within the ALPHA FEMME program. 

Another major misconception among women, as Melanie says, is the belief that “we need to take care of everyone else before we can take care of ourselves. An ALPHA woman understands the power of taking care of herself first, of leading herself. Only then can she be as strong as she needs to be. She also understands that she sets the tone. Taking care of herself means setting an example for other women to self-care too! Only when our cup is full can it effortlessly overflow.” 

An ALPHA FEMME knows it isn’t all about business all the time, it isn’t about “holding it together” all the time. This life is about growth, pleasure, adventure, and memories upon memories! 

Melanie Ann Layer is the coach that will help you create the life you want. 

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