Premium Bottled Water Delivery Service in Greensboro, NC from Le Bleu Enterprises

Greensboro, NC There are over 2,000 substances that contaminate tap water in the US, of which 190 have tested to pose health risks. While the EPA has regulations and procedures to make tap water as clean as possible, corroding pipes and other factors still expose millions of households to waterborne diseases. Le Bleu Enterprises, a trusted Greensborobottled water supplier, is committed to delivering pure water to homes and offices.

“There is no water purer, healthier, or better tasting than our bottled waters. We have the facility to produce water that is 11% hydrogen and 89% oxygen. Nothing more, nothing less,” says Steve Wulf, president and CEO of Le Bleu Enterprises. For the past 20 years, Le Bleu Enterprises has provided water cooler delivery services throughout North Carolina and South Carolina. They have gained a loyal following due to their consistent delivery of pure, fresh-tasting, and contaminant-free Le Blue Water.

The bottled water supplier prides itself on its strong customer support and award-winning water purification process. Le Bleu Enterprises has its proven and tested “five steps beyond Mother Nature” process, which removes inorganic chemicals and other contaminants that are normally found in tap water. The process also ensures the water tastes fresh and has perfect chemical composition through ozonation. They also distribute Green Mountain Coffee™ products, Keurig™ brewers, and other gourmet beverages.

Le Bleu Enterprises offers a flexible water delivery plan to their customers. Their delivery services have no hidden fees or complicated contract clauses upon signing. As a result, Le Bleu Enterprises has received positive reviews from customers, on everything from the company’s friendly disposition in addressing their needs, to Le Bleu’s high-quality water compared to other brands they’ve tried.

Le Bleu Enterprises is confident that people will love their water, gourmet coffee and tea, and other products. With the combination of the best-tasting water in town and reliable customer support, they are still gaining more clients today.

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Le Bleu Enterprises is located at 621 N. Regional Rd., Greensboro, NC, 27409.

They can be reached at 336-294-1919 or

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