ZB.com, BTB.com, 55.com and Other Top-level Domains Experience Larger Takeover Premium as the Blockchain-Based Companies Heat Up

Recently, the double-digit domain name 55.com, was acquired by a blockchain service company called Seaboard Ventures Limited at high prices. The 55.com was registered in 1998 and has been regarded as a top-level domain for 20 years.

The global prevailing of blockchain tech drives up the blockchain company’s market value and particularly boosts relevant domain name trading market. With the “blockchain” domain name boom, digital domains have become competitive “asset” for investors and continuously experienced high bids for some numeric or brief targets. In recently period, a lot of domain takeover news supports the point of overvalued market and the competing advantage of the domain effect has been recognized by the public.

Common reasons for high-priced acquisition activities comprise two main aspects, the characteristic of the domain itself and the enormous influence power of its name. A valuable and impressive domain name is mostly short and brief with meaningful implication, enabling to express a positive marketing impact behind. Especially, some unique domain name may be self-protected or highly linked with one particular company in the industry, generating significant market strength.

There are 90 two-digit domains globally, but only nine of them analogous to 55.com, containing two overlap dot-com domains. Such distinctive characteristic makes this group of top-level domains favored by investors and terminals, leading rounds of investment fever.

A typical example is the ZB.com, which opened to trade in Nov 2017. With over 20 years’ internet age, this old domain refreshes people’s memory via adding new interpretation of the word “ZB”, namely the Chinese coin. This short domain name brings convenience of online research and offline memory, and thus promotes the 10-million acquisition activity possible from a digital currency institution, CHBTC, Ltd.

Registered in 1995, BTB.com also reflects its value based on its feature of straightforward, easy-memory and traffic-base. The company of 500BTC purchased BTB.com in 2018 with a  large premium just because they believe that Chinese people can easily recognize the domain name and link it to digital currency (Bitcoin) area additionally, though the BTB.com could represent other meanings like “Bang Ta Ba” or “ Biao Ti Bang” in Chinese culture.

Blockchain tech is mostly accepted as a core disruptive technology of revolution after Internet. To create a new pattern of trust and credit, blockchain tech enables to completely change the way of value transfer throughout society. It is believed that the future potential of blockchain-related domains, therefore, will be of value to the owners. 

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